150 participants from Asia and the Pacific get ready for the annual APCOM Community Summit 2023!

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As we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), LGBTQI+ and key population community representatives from 19 countries across Asia-Pacific convene for APCOM Community Summit 2023. Taking place at The Sukosol Bangkok Hotel from 21-24 November 2023, the Summit will define and operationalise the roles of key populations and LGBTQI communities in achieving Global HIV 95-95-95 targets and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. The sessions will allow discussions in amplying and structuring community leadership at the regional and country level for a sustainable HIV response and more effective LGBTQI human rights response.  

As we mark the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), representatives from LGBTQI+ and other key population groups from 19 countries in Asia-Pacific will come together for the APCOM Community Summit 2023. This event will take place at The Sukosol Bangkok Hotel from November 21-24, 2023. The summit’s goal is to determine and put into action the roles of key population and LGBTQI communities in reaching the Global HIV 95-95-95 targets and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. The discussions at this summit will focus on strengthening community leadership at both regional and country levels to achieve a sustainable response to HIV and better protection of LGBTQI human rights.

“The APCOM Community Summit is a community-focused regional platform which facilitates exchange of information and discourse among key populations, LGBTQI community, communities of diverse SOGIESC on innovative approaches, updates and lessons learned pertaining to HIV and LGBTQI human rights advocacy,”   

mentioned Midnight, APCOM’s Executive Director.

“The Summit is a much needed space in a fast-paced and changing political, funding, and shrinking civic space, and we’re looking to gather ideas that will form the new strategy for APCOM.” 

Community-led and community-owned 

Being community-led and community-driven, the points arising from Community Summit are more relevant and targeted that directly addresses the needs and interests of key populations and LGBTQI community. The heart of the Summit is to:

  • Affirm the competence and indispensability of community-led organisations and networks in HIV responses and LGBTQI+ human rights advocacies at national and regional levels 
  • Reinforce key populations and LGBTQI’s credibility in convening effective strategic and programmatic national and regional discourses with stakeholders
  • Concretize community empowerment and leadership and systems in regional and country HIV and LGBTQI human rights responses 
  • Align regional strategies and champion community-led dialogues  for structural barriers  and human rights advocacy. 
  • Quantify the current resource gaps and commit investments to operationalise community systems and community-led interventions 
  • Balance the inequitable ratio of core and human resource investments towards community -led organisations and foreign non-government organisations in implementing HIV and human rights programs. 

Every year, APCOM holds the Community Summit which opens the opportunity for community dialogues to lead in facilitating strategic discussions among key stakeholders, donors, activists, researchers, and technical experts. These discussions aim to, through community leadership, improve healthcare services and advocate for LGBTQI human rights. The Summit also creates essential discussions towards larger advocacy initiatives around LGBTQI human rights, and connecting the dots towards cross learnings across the countries for the community good practices. 

“Excited to be part of the APCOM Community Summit!  Engaging in meaningful discussions on Community-Led Monitoring and connecting with passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds.  Let’s amplify community voices, share insights, and develop a change together!”  

Commented one of the participants from India, Yashwinder Singh.

APCOM places great importance on leadership, participation, and representation of key populations and individuals with diverse SOGIESC. To fully embody community values, APCOM directly collaborates with country-based organizations that are led by key populations and individuals with diverse SOGIESC. 

APCOM Community Summit not only promotes strong community ownership but also, and most especially, provides a safe space where key populations, LGBTQI community and underrepresented high-risk groups can find support, encouragement and resources to amplify their voices.

“Being a long term partner with APCOM, CHIAs, every year, joins the APCOM Community Summit. The safe space created at the Summit allows communities across the region to speak about their issues and challenges openly and find strategic solutions to advance HIV and LGBTQI programs at the country level. I am thrilled to represent CHIAs from Laos to join the Summit this year,”

commented Olam Rasaphonh from Laos. 

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