Congratulating Midnight for 10 years work at APCOM from Manisha Dhakal

By September 10, 2021 Newsroom

Contributor :
Manisha Dhakal
Executive Director
Blue Diamond Society

I am Manisha Dhakal, transgender activist  from Nepal  and a founder member of APTN. I remember that I  attended  the meeting of transgender activists from  our region to establish regional network for the transgender people. Thus , we formed APTN , which was in 2009.  During that meeting, Midnight  facilitated our  group   for  the further meetings at Seven Sister’s office to discuss  about   how to move forward for joint regional voices of transgender people in the region and more coordination and collaboration with other regional networks. From these meetings   to  till now , what I found about  Midnight is , he  always promotes community voices, community ownership and community inclusions which always motivate us to bring our issues to the forefront for the benefit of our community. Just a few days ago, he wrote to me by encouraging me to raise the voices of our community at  HLM and encourage me  to engage in government delegation at HLM. Sharing the information and encouraging the community, local activists  to raise our concern  is an amazing quality of Midnight.  On behalf of Blue Diamond Society and from the bottom of my heart,  I congratulate  and thank you Midnight  for your remarkable contribution towards the community and community based organization

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