A Conversation on Creating Sustainable Funding for Communities working on SOGIESC

By March 15, 2024 Advocacy, Learning

Sustainability is one of the buzzwords that has been talked about within the development sector. At the recent APCOM Community Summit 2023, we did a survey to our participants on creating sustainable funding for organisations working on LGBTQI, and HIV/AIDS. One question we asked was “If you can talk frankly to your donor/s, what would be your main ask?” – we got over 70 responses for this.

Not surprisingly the ask for Core and flexible funding, continuity of the programme (rather than just a project-based funding) for long term support, and to trust and provide grants directly to the community were the top ask for donors.

Here’s a list of the asks to donors, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to the community at APCOM Community Summit for providing their frank answers:

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