APCOM works to improve the health and rights of gay men, other men who have sex with men, and SOGIESC people across Asia and the Pacific.

Welcome to APCOM Foundation:

มูลนิธิแอ็พคอม ยินดีต้อนรับ

Based in Bangkok, APCOM is a not-for-profit organisation representing and working with a network of individuals and community-based organisations across 35 countries in Asia and the Pacific.

APCOM has a primary focus on HIV because it is a key health issue for gay men and other men who have sex with men in the region. APCOM also addresses other related health issues for our communities such as sexual health, mental health and drug use.

APCOM also focuses on improving relevant human and legal rights across the region as discrimination, stigma, criminalisation and exclusion impact on the health outcomes of the communities we serve.

Designed to guide APCOM’s work through 2020, the framework is multifaceted and anchored around three themes:


HIV/AIDS Ambassador
LGBTQI Human Rights Ambassador
Private Sector Ambassador
Pacific Ambassador
Community Ambassador
As a community of changemakers, people are a critical ingredient of our success. We are fortunate to have skilled board members, regional advisors and staff to help us advance our mission.



The APCOM Secretariat is made up of 13 diverse, highly skilled and compassionate individuals.
All our staff identify as being part of the community and as one of the key affected populations including youth and people living with HIV.

The staffs are accompanied by eight members of Regional Advisory Group (RAG) who are experts of various key topics of health and rights advocacy and practice, representing each subregion of Asia and the Pacific.


Midnight Poonkasetwattana

Executive Director

[email protected]
My name is Midnight, the Executive Director of APCOM and I have been working here since 2010. In my capacity, I try to find solutions and allow team members to take a leadership role within their work. I am most proud of the time I spoke at the UN General Assembly for the 2016 United Nations Political Declaration on Ending AIDS. APCOM is a fantastic place to work because of the multi-cultural office setting, and working at the regional gives you a good overview of challenges that our community face on issues of human rights of LGBTI, and also access to services. I enjoy getting massages, traveling, and my favourite ice cream is rum & raisin.

Wattana Keiangpa (A)

Operations and Programmes Support Officer

Selvan Punidha

Programmes Officer: Community Based Monitoring

[email protected]
Selvan, originally from India, joined APCOM family in 2015. He has been working with LGBT communities for almost 8 years, and has passion to continuing working with/for LGBT communities. He brings a wealth of experience in Monitoring and Evaluation of HIV service delivery programme. Funded under Government and Global Fund.

Selvan holds Bachelor degree in Commerce from Mumbai University and Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource from Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, Mumbai. Outside the working hours, he loves to discover and cook Indian dishes.

Vaness S. Kongsakul

Operations and Communications Officer

[email protected]
Hey! It's Vaness here. This is a little of my background.

I hold a bachelor degree in Fine Arts -Theatre (Acting - Directing) and been in the theatre community in Bangkok for a while then I discovered my passion for working in Non-Profit Organisation when I became an event organiser for Youth Voices Count (YVC), a youth initiative led by young LGBTIQ in Asia and Pacific in 2010 and also organised many meetings/side events later on. And also I am well known for designing and creating artworks and publications for the organisation.

By the way, I think I am the quietest person in the organisation and I am a great secret keeper because I immediately forget right after you turn away!

Don't be surprised if I don't pick up your call. The most enjoyable in my life is being away from mobile phone.

Ramil Andag

Programmes Officer: SOGIESC Rights Officer

[email protected]
Ramil Andag is from the Philippines. Ramil has been active in the human rights and equality advocacy since becoming part of U.P. Babaylan, a LGBTQI students’ organization at the University of the Philippines Diliman. These involvements were with various organizations and under different capacities including research, advocacy, trainings and awareness raising. Presently, Ramil is the SOGIESC Rights Officer of APCOM.

Diversity, equality, respect, are some of the core values which Ramil tries to live by.

Ramil wants to eventually live by the beach with Bogart, her 9-year old dog of undetermined breed singing Whitney Houston and Madonna songs.

Chatsuda Hanbang (Jam)

Finance and Administrative Assistant

[email protected]
My name is Chatsuda Hanbang, you can call me Jam. I am working as an assistant in APCOM foundation. I am good in assisting to anything the FO and PO need to help. I have a good experience in small event organizer and project co-Ordinator. I love to be a vendor at open air market to sell whatever I created or something in trend and I prefer to visit the open-air market in any places as well. I proud of myself because I am someone special for few best friends of mine and also have a good boyfriend who also can empower me a lot. I want to visit Mexico because I saw on TV there were a various colorful handmade goods.

Tanet Vongvisitsin (Shan)

Accountant and Administrative Officer

Chartlada Sangakij (JJ)

Creative Communications and Media Assistant

[email protected]
Hi, I'm JJ and I'm half Thai-Chinese descendants and proud to say I'm originally from Bangkok (as it’s quite rare). I have my fashion design degree from Srinakarinwirot university in Bangkok but she gave myself chances to work in so many different fields for the past decade but obviously I'm always back to art and community works. With APCOM I currently focusing on TestBKK campaign as a graphic designer and helps create the contents. It feels nice to finally have a job that combines art and community work together.

When I'm free time I love to explore new art galleries, jazz bars, beaches or do volunteer work mostly in Klongtoie community. I love drawing, making jewelleries and singing Whitney Houston songs!

Nicky Suwandi

Communications and Demand Generation Officer

[email protected]
Hailing from Indonesia, Nicky has good experience/knowledge on social marketing and digital campaigns. Previously he worked for GWL - INA (an organisation in Indonesia) and was leading and implementing TestJKT and TestYKA campaigns. He loves to hear Jazz, opera, and classical music. Sometimes he performs arts.

Nongluck Parima (Mod)

Finance Officer

Inad Q. Rendon


[email protected]
Hi! My name is INAD QUINONES RENDON from the Philippines. I am working with APCOM as part of the Management Team and Programmes Team since October 2013. My main passion is serving the community that I belong to – the gay men and MSM community. This passion has given me the endurance to stay in the Regional work for almost seven (7) years, and determination to achieve results in what I do. I have a human rights and legal background, but working with APCOM has provided me expertise in other areas. These include creating legal environments, technical assistance to key population networks, capacity building, community monitoring and country program review, among others. Outside work, I love joining cycling marathons and baking pastries.

J. P. Bernal

Programmes Coorninator


In 2014 and 2015, APCOM embarked on a process to change its governance structure entirely from a previous system based on sub-regional representation to a system in which its board members are appointed on a skills and merit basis, after an open call for applications and a nomination and endorsement process. The governance structure is established in a way to do justice to the regional character of the coalition, while on the other hand fulfilling the requirements of the Thailand’s national legislation on non-profit organisations. APCOM’s governance structure has two levels: the main governance body so-called APCOM’s Regional Advisory Group (RAG) and a supervisory body APCOM’s Thai Foundation board. From within the RAG, an Executive Committee (Exco) is chosen for the day-to-day governance issues and guidance to APCOM’s Executive Management.


Registration in Thailand:

APCOM’s Thai Foundation Board

Having the Secretariat office in Bangkok, APCOM is registered as a non-profit organisation under Thai law. To be officially registered under Thai jurisdiction, APCOM has to be accompanied by a Thai foundation board. The Thailand Ministry of the Interior has prescribed the rules and regulations for setting up of foundations through the legislation of The Ministerial Regulations of Regulations, Operation and Registration of the Foundation B.E. 2545 (2002). APCOM’s Thai Foundation Board consist of four members. It is the Thai Foundation Board which signs-off and presents the APCOM reports and financial accounts to the relevant ministries and holds responsibility for APCOM’s ongoing registered status.

APCOM was registered in Bangkok as a Thai Foundation on 21 April 2014 and has as registration number Gor Thor 2428 (กท ๒๔๒๘). The Thai Foundation Board can be seen as a supervisory body that guards and oversees if APCOM operates within the parameters of the Thai legislation concerning non-profit organisations, charities and foundations. The Thai Foundation Board advises the RAG and Executive Committee (Exco) on any changes in the Thai legal environment that have an influence on APCOM’s registration. The Thai Foundation board also advises the RAG and Exco on any issues concerning the registration of the audits and reports, if needed.

The Thai board of the APCOM Foundation is always represented in the Regional Advisory Group and Exco with one member to maintain a strong and on-going link between APCOM’s two governance bodies.

APCOM’s Thai Foundation Board members serve on a voluntary basis and do not receive any remuneration for the work.

The current members of APCOM’s Thai Foundation Board are: 

    Surasak Chalermsri Chairman of the Board of Directors

      Somchai Phromsombut Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors

        Paijittra Katanyuta Director and Treasurer


        APCOM’s Core Governance Body:

        The Regional Advisory Group

        The Regional Advisory Group (RAG) is the core governance body of APCOM. The RAG members are being selected through an application, nomination and endorsement process, based on skills and merits in those fields in which APCOM is working. This does not apply to the representative of the Thai Foundation Board in the RAG. The Thai foundation board members have the right to select from with their board their representative in the RAG. The 7 members in the RAG have voting rights on all issues being brought to vote. The RAG is completed with APCOM Executive Management, the Executive Director (ED), who are RAG members ex-officio, without voting rights.

        APCOM’s RAG members primarily set out and approve the overall strategic directions of APCOM in order to achieve the organisation’s vision and mission. They lead the strategy development planning process, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of APCOM in reaching its vision and mission through a regular review of the strategy, programmatic results and impact as well as they assure APCOM’s accountability to the Thai ministries on APCOM’s registration and mandate by delivering timely the reports and audits to the Thai foundation board as required for maintaining the registration.

        Last but not least, the RAG approves organisational policies relating to the work of APCOM in the Asia and Pacific and looks for advice from specific experts for new or revised policies as needed.

        Terms of Service of RAG Members:
        RAG members serve per term of three years, except when a member has to vacate office. His/her replacement will only serve the remaining time in office, before elections are due. RAG members are eligible for re-election after one term, but cannot serve more than two terms in office. APCOM’s RAG members fulfil the position on a voluntary basis and do not receive any remuneration for their work as RAG member.

        Eligibility to become a Regional Advisory Group Member:
        The criteria for being eligible to apply and be selected as a Regional Advisory Group member are:

        • Living in the Asia/Pacific region
        • Be at least 18 years of age
        • Have skills, experience and merits earned in those fields in which APCOM is working and/or bring added value in other ways to the development or growth of the organisation and/or reaching APCOM’s strategic goals and objectives
        • The candidate should preferably related to an organisation, however, this is not a necessity
        • The candidate should feel strongly attached or represents the interests groups and constituencies APCOM is working with and for

        APCOM’s Executive Committee:
        Within the RAG, an Exco is elected for overseeing the day-to-day business and act as a sounding board for the APCOM’s Executive Management. The Exco consists of three elected members (chair, co-chair and secretary), completed with the Thai Foundation Board member, usually the chair of the Thai Foundation board, which makes the total Exco consisting of four members. The RAG member of the Thai Foundation Board is automatically the treasurer in the RAG and Exco, as ultimately the Thai Foundation Board will need to present the APCOM financial accounts to the relevant Ministries for maintaining and fulfilling the obligations that come with APCOM’s registration in Thailand. The Exco and RAG are serviced by APCOM’s secretariat based in Bangkok.

        The current RAG members are:

          Bryan Choong Singapore

            Khun M Bangkok, Thailand

              Luc Stevens Bangkok, Thailand

                Max Wahid Suva, Fiji

                  Michael Liu Shenyang, China

                    Midnight Bangkok, Thailand

                      Renier Bona Manila, the Philippines



                      APCOM’s Secretariat:
                      The secretariat carries out APCOM’s work under the guidance and direction of the RAG and governing policies as established in the APCOM Constitution. Implementation and development of all operational activities and functions are handled through the secretariat by staff, volunteers, working groups and, if needed, external consultants under the direction of the Executive Management.


                      ANNUAL UPDATE 2020

                      #CoronaAPCOMpassion annual report of 2020 highlights APCOMs significant activities/work that APCOM held in 2020 despite the alarming threats, challenges, restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the most important tasks in 2020 was establishing a relief mechanism initiated by APCOM staff by donating a portion of their salary to render a direct and immediate aid required by grassroots communities of HIV and LGBTQI who are significantly affected by the Covid-19 outbreak in Asia and Pacific region. Another significant event held was “APCOM Community Summit 2020”, five day hybrid Summit in November 2020 to highlight the impact of Covid-19 on people living with HIV and key populations, revealing glaring inequalities and amplifying the need for better coordination among the community, and also to honour LGBTQI and HIV advocates and allies and their community who are striving for the rights of LGBTQI communities in Asia and Pacific.


                      ANNUAL UPDATE 2019

                      The Asia Pacific HIV and SOGIESC health and rights network APCOM has highlighted the shrinking space for civil society in the region and the contraction of funding for such activities as part of it’s 2019 Annual Update, which was released today.

                      The report provides an overview of the organisation’s activities and achievements over 2019, the organisation’s twelfth year of working to improve and protect the health and rights of gay men, other men who have sex with men and people of diverse sexual orientation, gender identify and expression and sexual characteristics (SOGIESC) across Asia and the Pacific.


                      ANNUAL UPDATE 2018

                      2018 marked a year of consolidation for APCOM across a range of initiatives and objectives. One of the most important was the development and launch of TENACITY, our Strategic Framework for 2018-2020. This vital organisational framework will guide our work over the next few years and commits APCOM to taking a bold, ambitious and tenacious approach to building a more effective response to the health and rights of gay men, other men who have sex with men and LGBTI people across Asia and the Pacific.


                      ANNUAL UPDATE 2017

                      APCOM is proud to release our 2017 Annual Update, detailing the contribution our activities throughout the year made towards improving the health and rights of the communities we serve across Asia and the Pacific.

                      2017 was a special year for APCOM as we marked 10 years of working with our communities throughout the region. Our report highlights some of the special events we undertook to commemorate this milestone as well as the broad range of activities we undertook to accelerate the impact of our mission.


                      ANNUAL UPDATE 2016

                      The report showcases our efforts in advocating for sexual health services, cultivating an enabling environment, generating and sharing strategic information, and building a cadre of advocates at all levels throughout the region.

                      2016 was another busy year for APCOM, with our broad range of activities accelerating the impact of our vital mission.


                      Annual Report 2015

                      ANNUAL UPDATE 2015

                      APCOM is proud to release its Annual Update 2015, detailing the contribution its projects have made towards gay men and other men who have sex with men, and transgender communities throughout the year. The report showcases our efforts in advocating sexual health services, cultivating an enabling environment, generating and sharing strategic information, and building a cadre of advocates at all levels in the Asia-Pacific region. Throughout 2015 we have successfully continued to expand programmes while initiating new and innovative projects.


                      Annual Report 2014

                      ANNUAL UPDATE 2014

                      For 2013, the word that best described APCOM was consolidation. Keeping that tradition, this year we chose another word “spark”. APCOM’s 2014 was a year of many new and exciting sparks for the coalition, the organisation and our work.


                      Annual Report 2013

                      ANNUAL UPDATE 2013

                      “Consolidation” best sums up 2013 for APCOM. An external evaluation commissioned by Hivos and UNDP in early 2012 strategically guided our work to assess its impacts and progress from its inception in 2007. It provided guidance by looking at areas of Relevance, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Sustainability and Equity. Throughout 2013, we formed our bases and continued to build momentum as we geared up to an effective engagement for the 11th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP11), which was hosted in Bangkok, 18-22 November 2013.


                      Annual Report 2012

                      ANNUAL UPDATE 2012

                      In what has been a busy year, 2012 can be summed up as consolidation year for APCOM. A new base for APCOM’s operations was found in Bangkok – centre for international and regional community networks, and our leadership was renewed, providing much-needed stability.We would like to say thank you to Hivos, an organisation that understands the needs of community networks, and therefore puts real investment into core operating costs. We are grateful to UNAIDS and UNDP for helping to strengthen our governance- and strategic information development functions, and to IDS, our new partner, for helping us develop the policy brief on positive MSM. We also thank all our other stakeholders who have helped guide APCOM during this period.


                      Interested in working with APCOM?

                      Since 2007, the Secretariat, based in Bangkok, Thailand has increased its staff complement to meet the needs of the region.
                      We recruit diverse, highly skilled, approachable and compassionate individuals and encourage diversity and community representation.

                      All our staff identify as being part of the community and as one of the key affected populations
                      including youth and people living with HIV.

                      We are an equal opportunity employer; and provide a welcoming and pleasant working environment
                      with uplifting staff with diverse backgrounds and expertise. 


                      How to apply:

                      Interested applicants should send a CV and Cover letter,
                      outlining how their skills and experience match the requirements in the job description. 

                      By email only to: [email protected]



                      See below to find our current vacancies:



                      Finance Officer (SKPA) / Part-time (Thai National)

                      (Deadline: 17 June 2022 / 18:00 Bangkok time)

                      Finance Officer will lead the Finance Team and provide strategic direction to the finance team members that focus on the timely and accurate achievements of the finance-related tasks. This post holder will be responsible for maintaining a sound financial and accounting system and controls for the organization in compliance with organizational and donor policies and requirements.

                      The Finance Officer is expected to report to work 3 days a week preferably every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00am to 6:00pm. However, workday schedule is negotiable.

                      See terms of reference and how to prepare your application here



                      SOGIESC Rights Officer / full-time

                      (Deadline: 17 June 2022 / 18:00 Bangkok time)

                      (IM) Part is a three-year project (started in 2021) which is being implemented in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, the Philippines, and Thailand. This project aims to engage with the Asia Development Bank and the private sector for LGBTQI inclusion, for increased LGBTQI social and economic inclusion and non-discrimination in policies, practices, spaces, and activities.

                      APCOM is seeking a SOGIESC Rights Officer who can lead the (IM)Part project and contribute to the further development of APCOM’s LGBTQI strategies and approaches.

                      See terms of reference and how to prepare your application here



                      Finance Officer / full-time (Thai National)

                      (Deadline: 17 June 2022 / 18:00 Bangkok time)

                      The Finance Officer will assist in all financial matters relating to implementation of the projects of APCOM. S/he will be mainly responsible for preparing financial progress report, project account, statement of expenditures and other related financial reports as required by the Donors/ Funders. The finance officer will closely work with the project managers of APCOM in both preparation and regular reviews of the project budget.

                      See terms of reference and how to prepare your application here



                      Gender Equality Officer / full-time

                      (Deadline: 24 May 2022 / 18:00 Bangkok time)

                      APCOM is seeking a Gender Equality Officer who will primarily contribute to improving the gender equality frameworks, analysis, and strategies of APCOM and ensure mainstreaming of gender equality in the interventions of the APCOM and our partner organizations.

                      See terms of reference and how to prepare your application here



                      Communication and Fundraising Officer / full-time

                      (Deadline: 17 June 2022 / 18:00 Bangkok time)

                      The primary responsibility of Communication and Fundraising Officer is to strategically lead on APCOM’s internal and external communication efforts and to identify, develop and manage strategic partnerships for resource mobilization and technical cooperation. This position will have to closely coordinate and work with the Executive Director of APCOM.

                      See terms of reference and how to prepare your application here



                      Campaigns Officer / full-time (Thai National)

                      (Deadline: 17 June 2022 / 18:00 Bangkok time)

                      See terms of reference and how to prepare your application here



                      Creative Communications and Media Assistant / full-time (Thai National)

                      (Deadline: 17 June 2022 / 18:00 Bangkok time)

                      The primary responsibility of the Creative Communications and Media Assistant is to assist in ensuring that organisational campaign promotions, key messaging, and publications are creatively designed, curated and produced according to the standards of the organisation. The officer will also take part in  the  internal and external communication efforts and to identify and develop online campaign activities.

                      See terms of reference and how to prepare your application here



                      Intern: Communications

                      Foremost good writers and/ or communications students Cf. Text and social media context, also for Newsletter proofreading.

                      You will be an integral part of the Communications team at APCOM. Primarily focused on the initiatives of the Social Media team, you will help with daily operations, strategy, management, and the creation of new advertising campaigns. Additionally, you will write and proofread content pieces related to newsletters, press releases.

                      See term of reference



                      Intern: Productions

                      APCOM is looking for students who can manage film cameras and laptops, cf. film editing.

                      Furthermore can assist/monitor on the technical side of the HERO Awards Gala event on 27 November; and possess audiovisual and technical skills.

                      See term of reference


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