APCOM’s 5th Thailand LGBTQI+ Biz Forum 2024 highlighting the theme of “Inclusion at Work: Bridging for LGBTQI+ Inclusion” during this PRIDE Month

By June 3, 2024 Learning, What We Do

APCOM Foundation announced to organize the 5th Thailand LGBTQI+ Biz Forum 2024 amidst the jubilant Pride Month celebrations on 8-9 June 2024, during 1.00 – 7.00 PM, at the AVANI Riverside Plaza Bangkok Thailand (1st Floor).

Under the theme: “Inclusion at Work: Bridging for LGBTQI+ Inclusion”, it also promises a beacon of collaboration and solidarity, fostering meaningful networking opportunities and forging impactful partnerships among LGBTQI community members, private sectors, and stakeholders. Moreover, we aspire for this platform to serve as a blueprint, inspiring similar initiatives across nations, thereby amplifying LGBTQI social and economic inclusion on a global scale. 

“The impact from this forum is strengthening networking and collaboration among LGBTQI community and the private sector. The platform that we have created over the past five years to promote LGBTQI social and economic inclusion is now a template for  our partners in other countries to create a similar platform,” commented APCOM Executive Director, Midnight, he continues “The private sector can and should be a great support to promote and advance LGBTQI human rights, and we thank all our supporters to ensure that in the workplace, LGBTQI rights and welfare can be advanced.”

Last year, the 4th LGBTQI+ Biz Forum convened about 500 participants and reached 5,000 views through Prachatai social media platforms to join an exciting opportunity to further the social and economic inclusion of LGBTQI+ in Thailand given the recent elections. 

This year’s event aims to facilitate meaningful networking and collaboration among LGBTQI+ community members, private sectors, and other stakeholders to exchange ideas, best practices, and strategies for advancing LGBTQI social and economic inclusion, while promoting  positive working environments or LGBTQI+ employees within both public and private sectors, emphasizing the importance of diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities.

We thank our main sponsor, The Open Society Foundations, and Valvoline Thailand representative, one of the main event’s sponsors, and American Chamber of Commerce representative will give us opening remarks.

“It is an honor for Valvoline Thailand to partner with APCOM in supporting 5th Thailand LGBTQI+ Biz Forum 2024. We believe that diversity and inclusion are one of the factors to drive the business as well as the society, so this year we want to extend our capacity in bolding this aspect of what we already do and work together with allies from the business sector and the communities more. Although it is just a small step we could take, we will walk together and will never stop advocating for LGBTQI+ community through our DEI initiatives at work.” 

Pongsit Taechathayanon,
Country Manager, Valvoline Thailand

“Steps works towards inclusion in education and employment for the neurodivergent community and people with disabilities. The American Chamber of Commerce always seeks to amplify the voices of the LGBTQ+ community and explore ways to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within local contexts. This can be achieved by leveraging intersectionality, adopting inclusive leadership practices, and building sustainable partnerships to bring about genuine change. Thank you to APCOM for giving us an opportunity to be part of the conversation and discover ways to contribute to building a more equitable and inclusive future for all.”

Max Simpson,
CEO and CO-Founder of Steps,
American Chamber of Commerce DEI
Committee representative

Let’s have a look at some highlights:

Saturday 8 June 24


  • Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace (ENG) by STEP Community
  • Case Study: Seagate PRIDE history and the key milestones & initiatives by Seagate Technology (ENG) by Cattreeya Thithiwongsawet, Asia Regional Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Leader, Seagate Technology
  • “True Colorful Visibility” Exhibition Tour and True Experience sharing (Marriage Equality) Discussion (THA) by Pongsak Sakulthaksin, Project Manager, Policy Research and Development Institute Foundation

Sunday 9 June 2024


  • Case Study: LaLaLove: Fashion Industry with LGBTQI+ Inclusion (THA) by Linda Charoenlarp, Stylist and Owner of the LALALOVE clothing brand
  • Tripartite for Gender recognition : Community:Business:Law Connected (THA) by Thanyawat Komolwongwat
  • TransTalents: Represent HERO AWARDS 2023 (Business Ally) (THA) by Nikki Natthineethiti, Founder, TransTalents Consulting Group

*The topics are subject to change upon the confirmation of invited speakers

Apart from the main forums with the learning opportunities, the event also has lively activities so that participants can enjoy the whole afternoon at the event. The highlight  activities are, for example, inspiring performances (Drag Show by Notty Naughty Girl, Variety Show by Down Syndrome HERO Thailand, and Thai Traditional Shows by Khlong Toei Youth Center), an impressive exhibition “True Color Visibility” by Policy Research and Development Institute Foundation, interactive workshops (PRIDE Tattoo, home-made Inhaler and card sending to bed-ridden patients, and Friendship Bracelet Workshop), and interesting LGBTQI community booths and marketplace. 

Multi-stakeholder speakers both from the private sector and the public sector are invited to join the forum, which opens and welcomes everyone, who are interested in LGBTQI+ inclusion in the workplace, to join free of charge. Special for those who come to the event will have a chance to get PRIDE souvenirs from the Riverside Plaza. Furthermore, if you also join the mini-challenge “PRIDE Landmark” to take photo and share with #PrideRiversidePlaza during 1-30 June 2024 at the event and the Riverside Plaza, you can win 50 THB Cafe Amazon Voucher.

“We are very pleased to support and accommodate the Thailand LGBTQI+ Biz Forum once again this year. Every day, a part of our customer base consists of LGBTQI+ communities. To support this event, we intend to show that we welcome everyone regardless of gender. We already embrace diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Thank you very much to APCOM for allowing us to speak out and highlight this to the public more. This year, we have also prepared souvenirs for registered participants and fun activities during Pride Month, so do not miss out on joining us”

AVANI Riverside Plaza Team

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the conversation during Pride 2024 and discover ways to contribute to building a more “Inclusion at Work: Bridging for LGBTQI+ Inclusion” for all.

Please register now to secure your spot and join us in advancing Diversity and Inclusion efforts in Thailand and beyond! 

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