APCOM Annual Planning 2023: Strive for the best to serve our LGBTQI Communities!

By March 9, 2023 March 10th, 2023 Learning, Newsroom, What We Do

APCOM organized a 4-day Annual Planning from 26 to 31 of January to set the new agenda for 2023. This planning brought all the staff to wrap up 2022 and strategize for 2023 and 2024.

At our planning meeting, participation is the key. Everyone was very active and discussed more exciting 2023 events, program activities, engaging communications plan, staff mental health activities, operation workflow, lessons learned and best practices to serve our LGBTQI communities better.

“As a new member here at APCOM, I find the annual planning meeting is very crucial. Not every organization will set the platform for the staff to be involved with the organization’s strategy and planning, but APCOM does. This shows how we trust in our human resources and open up to anything for improvement. After the meeting is done, I can also feel ownership and responsibility that we agree upon and commit to succeed in all of the action points.”

– added Suriya Phongphunngam, Communications Officer.

Apart from that, all the staff had a chance to sit down and voice out the feelings and compliments to other colleagues. To do so, everyone got to write notes onto the sticky note and then put it into everyone’s letter. This makes us an inspiring letter from colleagues to read at home.

“the annual planning is an important opportunity for all the staff to share and discuss their work experiences with the past year. We got a chance to discuss our ideas and feelings about our work. It is also a revision and assessment of the work we have done which will help us plan and enhance our performance in the next year.”

Nongluck Parima, Finance Officer, mentioned that

On the last day, everyone had a session to build public speaking skills and communication skills. We were assigned to watch the TED Talk video on YouTube on how to introduce oneself individually. After that, we got to discuss with a partner regarding the story telling technique we could use to introduce ourselves and discuss them with the team. In the end, we learned it by doing. We got to record one brief video to introduce ourselves in an efficient and professional way – and can be shared on our website and social media.

The ultimate outcome from this event is that all the input will be taken to improve our working plans in 2023 and 2024 and get ready to serve our LGBTQI communities better. 

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