APCOM Annual Planning 2024: Reflection and Inter-unit collaboration for better impact for the communities

By April 13, 2024 Showcase

APCOM organized the 2024 Annual Planning on 25-26 March to wrap up 2023 and strategize for the rest of the year. 

Convening all the staff, the planning was splitted into two days to discuss and plan for 2024, ensuring we all understand the work involved and commit to completing them of quality, within the budget and time allocated so that we can all be proud of our collective efforts.

On the first day, our Communication, and Events teams kicked off the meeting with a bang.

The Communication team illustrated the growing statistics of communication results from last year. This makes the team put forward a communication workplan in 2024 more strategically, with standardization, resources, and support from all the staff. This year’s communication theme is “Strength in Solidarity”.

“It’s my second annual planning with APCOM. This year I stepped up to lead the communication plan and run a mini Communications Workshop for colleagues. It is very exciting but great to see that  that everyone cares about communication work and will join a hand to achieve the goals of this year improvements together”

Suriya Phongphunngam [he/him]
Communications Officer

In the afternoon, the Events Working Group unleashed the exciting plan for 2024 which included our external events, for example, LGBTQI+ Biz, HERO Awards, Community Summit, and Thailand Pride Festival, and also our internal events, such as, annual Staff Retreat, and monthly Staff Mental Health activity. This year we aim to leverage these events to further engage more stakeholders, as well as strengthening engagement with our supporters. The Events Working Group hopes to be able to expand sponsorship for the events as well as reaching out to experts that can help with what we have planned.  

“As part of the Events Working Group, I am happy to share the achievements we had last year with colleagues during the annual planning meeting. Although we have been through many challenges last year, we managed to pass them with collective efforts from the APCOM team and other stakeholders. Thank you very much. This year we still commit to do as much as we did last year or even better. Stay tuned!”

Chatsuda Hanbang [she/her]
Finance Officer and Events Coordinator

On the second day, it is more intense with presentations from Operations, Communication and Compliance Unit, and Programmes and Advocacy Unit. In the morning session, the Operations, Communication and Compliance Unit shared the tasks that they undertake as they plan to look at how we can make our internal systems more efficient, accurate and compliant. There will be quarterly training on these. 

“We need to remember that no ‘one’ team can drive the organisation but every team must work as one.”

Vaness S. Kongsakul [he/him]
Operations and Communications Manager

After lunch, the Programmes and Advocacy Unit reminded us that our society still has a long way to go towards equality, and that what we’re doing is to work towards that. It’s a big pressure when many organizations in the region are looking to us for leadership, and we need to ensure strengthening of reach and engagements to our communities in the region.

“The annual planning was a great opportunity to highlight the achievements, not only of the teams and organisation, but also of individual staff who worked hard to help get results.” 

Inad Q. Rendon [he/him]
Programmes and Advocacy Unit Head – HIV Portfolio Manager

At our planning meeting, it was not all serious. We still had fun, and laughed along the way too because every team brought interactive games and creative ice breaking activities to energize us throughout the sessions and kept us all alert. 

Last but not least, everyone was very active and got to reflect on what we did collectively last year – and it was a lot (and we still have a lot to do)! That’s why we think that all the planned outputs for this year are informed from these valuable reflections from staff for future collaboration through an integrated workplan that will lead to a better impact for our communities in the region. 

A survey was sent out to get feedback from staff about the 2024 Planning Meeting which will help inform our next Planning Meeting. 

Please stay tuned for our upcoming activities and support us again this year!

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