APCOM is back at GCircuit Songkran Festival 2023!

By April 12, 2023 Advocacy, Newsroom, Regional

Asia’s biggest gay party is coming back after the pandemic from 13th-16th April 2023 in Bangkok! 

As an official Community Partner, APCOM collaborates with GCircuit over the four night events during the traditional Thai New Year “Songkran Festival” to reach out to party goers and provide comprehensive information for HIV and STI prevention.

“We’re thrilled that countries have now opened up, and our community can meet in person and party together again. As APCOM we’re here for our community, and support our international friends to access services that they may need, and also to make them aware of innovative combination prevention services available. We appreciate GCircuit support and naming us as an official Community Partner,”

commented Midnight, Executive Director of APCOM.

APCOM and GCircuit have worked together to produce activities that are designed to communicate information regarding HIV prevention in an engaging and active way. In addition, APCOM will have a booth where staff and volunteers can hand out condoms and lubricants, provide HIV self-testing kits, and disseminate information about the prevention, and treatment of HIV. 

“We are long term partners with APCOM, and we’re extremely happy to have APCOM as an official Community Partner for this year’s GCircuit. APCOM is a non-profit community organisation leader in the Asia Pacific region, and they provide crucial sexual health information for our community to know their HIV status, comprehensive prevention such as condoms and lubricants and pre-exposure prophylaxis, and where to access post exposure prophylaxis – particularly through their famous TestBKK campaign.”

Commented Sumet Srimuang, Co-founder, GCircuit

At this year’s GCircuit, APCOM will use Near-field communication (NFC) business cards to provide customers with important contact information, such as phone numbers for hospitals, clinics, and the police, with just a simple swipe of the NFC card on their mobile device. This will allow customers to access this information quickly and easily in the event of an emergency. 

TestBKK powered by APCOM, the region’s leading campaign – famous for its provocative, sex positive and influential HIV testing campaign. Using a series of interactive events, TestBKK has generated massive digital repercussions throughout the gay community in Asia.

The APCOM booth designed to correspond to the theme of the party and was inspired by the well-known film Space Odyssey is ready to welcome tens of thousands of gay men from across Asia. Come and take a photo with our models at the APCOM booth before having fun at the party! 

Every night, visitors to the booth will have the opportunity to take away free HIV self-testing kits that they are free to use whenever and wherever they feel convenient. The partnership between APCOM and OraQuick supplied these self-test kits.

Ultimately, this partnership between APCOM and GCircuit is a powerful example of how organizations can work together to create a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone and benefit people with concerning issues in the community such as HIV and sexual health.

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