APCOM COMMUNITY SUMMIT 2020: Programme Overview

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APCOM COMMUNITY SUMMIT 2020: Thailand LGBTQI+ Biz 2020 Overview

26 – 27 November 2020: Online and off-line sessions

(Sessions will be held in Thai with English interpretation)

APCOM is a not-for-profit regional organisation based in Bangkok, Thailand, improving the health and rights of gay men, other men who have sex with men and SOGIESC people across Asia and the Pacific. APCOM also works to improve the relevant human and legal rights of LGBTIQ community by addressing issues on stigma and discrimination, as well as advocating Diversity and Inclusion for the decriminalisation and inclusion of the marginalised community based on their sexual orientation, gender identity and expressions, and sexual characteristics. While working to create a more enabling environment for our communities, we strengthen the community networks and build their capacities for a more effective response at a country level. 

For this year, LGBTQI+ Biz 2020 will be launched, which is a part of APCOM Community Summit 2020.The event will be held on 26 – 27 November 2020. This is the first time of LGBTQI Business Forum organized by APCOM.

LGBTQI+ Biz Forum 2020 aims to: 

  1. Be a venue for Diversity and Inclusion learning across private sectors and LGBQTI+ organizations. 
  2. Be a bridge to support as a key role on relevant issues among LGBTQI+ community sectors in Thailand. 
  3. Promote “APCOMMU”, an online channel platform advocating LGBTQI issues by APCOM.

Furthermore, exhibition booths from companies, SMEs, and LGBTQI organizations will be exhibited in the forum to promote their business and present products and services to the LGBTQI+ consumer. 

Sessions and shows will be performed on the main stage. Three areas of panel sessions are based on “Business” and “Diversity & Inclusion” will lead to APCOMMU. These panel sessions will be performed related to the pillars of APCOMMU, which consist of: 

BusinessSharing experience and idea about how can business be more LGBTQI+ inclusive.
HealthWellbeing for LGBTQI+ community with how inclusive business is good for mental health.
Lifestyle & TrendBeauty and fashion trend updated on what LGBTQI+ people are on today and inclusive business in diversity of beauty industry.
Self-developmentKnow yourself, know your rights! Learn what skill to prepare and LGBTQI+ rights in workplace and society you should know.

APCOMMU session also will be launched here at LGBTQI+ Biz 2020 with APCOMMU editors.

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