APCOM Discussion Papers on Faith and Sexual Diversity

By January 20, 2022 Advocacy, Regional, Showcase

Click download to read the discussion paper Christianity, Sexual Diversity and Access to Health Services, with interviews from Hong Kong, India, the Philippines, Singapore,  and Tonga. The discussion paper revealed both condemnatory and supportive attitudes from institutional, communal and popular Christianity in relation to gender variance and sexual diversity. The paper call on churches in the Asia Pacific to adopt a more loving, compassionate and inclusive approach towards issues of gender, sexuality and sexual health, including greater networking with governments, non-governmental organisations and civil society movements.
Watch the video below for the Q&A session with the author Joseph N. Goh.

Click download to read the discussion paper Islam, Sexual Diversity and Access to Health Services. While Islam allows for difference of opinion, and the religious leaders disagree on many social issues, most orthodox Muslim scholars are vehemently opposed to homosexuality. However there are many progressive Muslim scholars with varied positive opinions about gender and sexual orientation. This discussion paper urges human rights organisations and policy makers to create a database of progressive religious leaders and lobby for their support.
Also watch below an interview with the author Muhsin Hendricks sharing the development of this discussion paper.

My Sexuality My Faith

A Panel discussion consisting community advocates and faith-based leaders who have been advocating the harmony between faith and LGBTQI rights

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