APCOM Engagement at Sydney WorldPride 2023

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APCOM is honoured to be a Community Partner for the Human Rights Conference at the Sydney WorldPride 2023.

As part of our role we conducted a regional consultation on What LGBTQI in Asia would like to see at the Human Rights Conference that fed into the process of programme development for the Conference.

Here’s the highlight of our engagements:

Sydney WorldPride Human Rights Conference

Asia Caucus presented by

in partnership with
APTN, ILGA Asia, Intersex Asia, ASEAN Feminist LBQ Network, ASEAN SOGIE Caucus

in collaboration with
GANDA Filipinas, Kyrgyz Indigo, ShanghaiPRIDE, T-Track

special Thank You to
Sydney WorldPride, Equality Australia 

APCOM is proud to be one of the official Community Partners of the Sydney WorldPride Human Rights Conference 2023. We are, in fact, the only non-Australia based Community Partner. 

APCOM is also proud to be hosting the Asia Caucus prior to the Human Rights Conference. In the lead up to the Conference, we have had a regional consultation to inform What LGBTQI in Asia would like to see at the Human Rights Conference that fed into the main programme of the Conference. 

The Asia Caucus is a safe space for our community to gather and connect, build relationships, and engage in important conversations with people from around the world that share a common identity and/or experience.

Our speakers will share information and discuss issues and challenges, create opportunities for collective collaboration, as ways forward to advance LGBTQI rights in Asia. 

APCOM has collaborated with Equality Australia for the Copenhagen WorldPride 2021 for the session on Stories of hope from Asia Pacific.

Global Philanthropy Project, Aurora Group, and GiveOut

Resourcing LGBTI Movements for Change in Asia and the Pacific

28 February 2023

The session aims to facilitate networking, accelerate sharing solutions and collaboration, and contribute to a shared analysis of the funding situation for LGBTQI people in Asia, the Pacific, and locally in Australia.

Specifically, we shall be profiling our partnership with Canada on Supporting LGBTQI Rights in Asia: Connecting Voices for LGBTQI Socio-Economic Inclusion and

Human Rights in Asia project

APCOM has been working with GPP on the Global Resources Report: Government and Philanthropic Support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex Communities to advocate for resources for Asia and the Pacific region.

Global Equality Caucus and St. Vincent’s Centre for Applied Medical Research

Launch of Asia-Pacific HIV Prevention Handbook

28 February 2023

APCOM is part of the reviewer for this document which is aimed at legislators to act on the impact of the long standing HIV epidemic on LGBTQI communities in the Asia Pacific region. 

We profiled examples of our work including innovationsmap.asia and also a quote for the forward:

“Community-driven initiatives must be scaled up to improve regional outcomes of the UNAIDS Fast-Track 95-95-95 targets if we are to end the HIV epidemic by 2030. The achievement of this goal also depends on effective mechanisms addressing structural and human rights barriers.” 

APCOM has collaborated with the Global Equality Caucus on Decriminalising HIV: Strategies and best practice for legislators and the Asia edition of the Lawmakers for LGBT+ Equality – an online series of digital content where elected representatives connect with civil society and members of the LGBT+ community to discuss the issues that matter to them. 

Sydney WorldPride
Human Rights Conference

Advancing laws for LGBTQIA+ equality in Asia Pacific

3 March 2022

This session will bring together legal experts, activists, and advocates to discuss the current state of LGBTQIA+ rights in the region and explore strategies for advancing laws that promote equality and non-discrimination. 

Our Chair, Bryan will talk about the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Singapore, following on from the session at the Foreign Correspondents Club Thailand that APCOM did partnership with the Canadian Embassy on Advancing LGBTQI Rights: Decriminalisation in Asia, and Trans and Intersex Recognition in Thailand.

We are also looking forward to engage with the Australian Government of their strategies to supporting LGBTQI human rights in the Asia Pacific region, and of course to connect face to face with global LGBTQI activists and allies again. 

Materials we are going to be promoting:

Social and Economic Inclusion

LGBTQI social and Economic Inclusion programme

Government of Canada Announces funding for APCOM to Support LGBTQI Rights in Asia: Connecting Voices for LGBTQI Socio Economic Inclusion and Human Rights

Promoting Inclusion and Rights for LGBTIQ People In Disaster Preparedness And Response

Marriage Equality Movement in Asia


Mental Health

APCOM launches LGBTQI Mental Health Project to Develop a Regional Strategy


Why LGBTQI Inclusion Matters, delves into perspectives on the LGBTQI situation, the importance of LGBTQI social and economic inclusion

What are we doing shares the components of engagements with the Asian Development Bank

Where are we and what more can be done?  APCOM, our country partner organizations, the Asian Development Bank, and our advisory group shared some lessons, learned, challenges, and possible future directions in advocating for LGBTQI social and economic inclusion with financial institutions and the private sector

Links to website:

APCOM Bringing Community Voices in Asia and the Pacific: Call for SOGIESC inclusion at the Asian Development Bank’s Safeguard Policy

Links to documents:

Economic inclusion of LGBTQI people in Southeast Asia: A Background Research Report on Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR and the Philippines

Identifying Entry Points in Engaging the Private Sector: Cambodia

Identifying Entry Points in Engaging the Private Sector: Indonesia and the Philippines

Identifying Entry Points in Engaging the Private Sector: Lao PDR

The State of LGBTQI People’s Economic Inclusion: Cambodia

Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

Innovations Map

National Strategic Plans summary


Pre-exposure Prophylaxes

Get. PrEP. Done. APCOM Launches a Toolkit to Help Communities Generate Demand for PrEP as an Additional Combination Prevention Option

PrEP 101



Living with HIV

Living a normal life with HIV

APCOM lead a report launch on HIV Care Continuum & Beyond to reprioritise HIV and end the epidemic

HIV testing

Community-led campaign

testBKK – testbkk.org

Understanding the Values and Preferences of Men who have Sex with Men and Transgender People on HIV Self-Testing and Partner Notification in Asia and the Pacific


Protecting and Sustaining Key Populations-led Interventions: PEPFAR ROP/COP 2022 Engagements in the Asia Pacific Region

What did we do at
Copenhagen WorldPride 2021?

Stories of hope from Asia Pacific in partnership with Equality Australia

Workplace Inclusion Day message for the LGBTI+ Workplace Inclusion Day 

The next WorldPride and Human Rights Conference will take place in 2025,
and Washington D.C. will be the host.

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