APCOM Executive Director Midnight on the BBC StoryWorks Access Accelerated Podcast

By March 18, 2022 Advocacy, Learning, Showcase

Since the start of the global coronavirus pandemic, healthcare systems have faced unprecedented challenges. Now more than ever, people are looking at how we deal with health and recognising the pressures health systems face. Yet despite this global focus on health and healthcare delivery, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) remain a growing, critical concern, as they are responsible for almost 70% of all deaths worldwide every year.

Our Executive Director, Midnight  joins the conversation on Representation Matter episode with consultant paediatrician and presenter Dr Ravi Jayaram returns to the show to lead this electric conversation between Sheila Tlou Motswana, co-chair of the Nursing Now Global Campaign and Global HIV Prevention Coalition; and Dr Anthony Yanni, Senior Vice President and Head of Patient Centricity at Astellas.

They delve deeper into gender, identity, sexuality and racial inequity, how access to healthcare is being improved for those managing NCDs in challenging environments. As awareness grows of the variation disparities in people’s lived experiences, listen to discussion on how NCDs are experienced, treated, and managed across different sections of society.

Click below to listen to its podcast: Ep. 5: Representation Matters by Midnight.

Listen to its full podcast: Ep. 5: Representation Matters here

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This podcast was produced for Access Accelerated by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions.

Accelerating Health looks at the issues of global NCDs and health and healthcare delivery head on, exploring the successful projects and organisations already making a difference, and asking what will happen in the coming years?

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