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By February 26, 2021 March 9th, 2021 Newsroom, Showcase

TestBKK Approaches to Thai MSM who use Drugs

As APCOM’s flagship on innovations, TestBKK intensifies new innovative mechanism to approach Thai MSM who use drugs with a combination of both offline and online strategies designed to raise awareness especially among MSM who are not familiar with TestBKK’s existing harm reduction resources and HIV-related services check out testbkk.org website or browse through our presentation:

Furthermore, TestBKK conducted a Thai MSM on chemsex focus group discussions. Key findings from the focus group stress the need of factual and scientific harm reduction resources and non-judgmental health care services among Thai MSM who participate in chemsex and recreational drug use. Many MSM who use drugs seek information on drug use through anonymous online channels, personal chemsex peers and/or close medical professional friends and refuse to receive medical treatment in hospitals when they encounter life-threatening conditions during chemsex sessions because they are afraid of being caught and forced to enter rehabilitation courses which will affect their career. In order to promote the harm reduction resources to the target group, the campaign needs to choose the right channel and carefully design promotional contents both in terms of graphics and languages. 

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