APCOM held a Buddhist Ceremony to Celebrate 5 years Anniversary at the office, and Sonkran celebration on 5 April

By April 13, 2024 Showcase

APCOM invited partners and friends to join the Merit Making Ceremony in celebration of being at the current office in Udom Suk, Bangkok for 5 years. We also held our annual Songkran Celebration to welcome good luck for the traditional Thai New Year.  

In the morning we invited three monks from the nearby Ta Klam Temple, to bless us and the office to welcome good luck for Songkran, the traditional Thai New Year. After the merit making ceremony, we conducted Rod Nam Dum Hua ceremony, by pouring scented water onto the palms of four elders within the community and asking for their blessings for the coming Thai New Year, the Songkran festival (13-15 April).

“Happy Songkran [Thai New Year]! It is a tradition that has been with us for a long time. APCOM annually organizes a water-pouring ceremony asking for blessings from the elders in the community, and this year is special because we also invited monks to bless us in the office too. What is even more memorable is the foreign staff and guests also took part in the ceremony from the beginning to the end of the activity. This is the cuteness that they took part in Thai culture.”

Somchai Phromsombut (he/him)
Executive Director, The Poz Home Center Foundation and APCOM Thai Board Member

Later, we had a nice lunch prepared and home-cooked by our partner, The Poz Home Center Foundation, our guests also brought food to share with us, such as IHRI brought us the big fine Thai desserts basket, Jeiz Robles from IBM made traditional Filipino food, and Gloria Lai from IDPC brought tasty chocolate and fruits. Eating together and catching-up in an intimate setting was very pleasant.  

”The event gives me the vibes of happiness and friendliness. Our day starts off with merit making, getting blessed by monks and seniors and fun time from water splashing. I love the feeling of “good start” as the Songkran Festival is also a Thai New Year!”

Kanokporn “Kook” Srivanapirom (she/her)
Senior Finance Officer

The event will never happen without the participations from staff and partners of 50 people on the day, thank you all staff and the community as well as partners from MPLUS Thailand I Apn Plus I International Drug Policy Consortium I Youth LEAD I Asia Pacific Alliance for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights I NAPUD I ICWAP  International Community of Women Living with HIV Asia & Pacific I UNAIDS Asia Pacific I Jeiz Robles I JK sportevent&communication, and many more from the community. Your presence turned our office into a space of warmth and spirituality. 

“We welcomed the Songkran festival amongst staff and friends, and are now blessed by the Buddhist monks and the community elders for the New Year. We had a chance to share home-cooked meals and catch up casually – what else could we ask for? It was a perfect day.” 

Midnight Poonkasetwattana (he/him)
Executive Director

If you want to see more pictures of the activities, please visit our Facebook page,
or visit us at APCOM. Finally, let’s hear some nice video from our participants below:

“My name is Numb from MPlus. Today I am pleased to join the Merit Making and annual Songkran celebration with APCOM. The environment here is very warm. It is also a good opportunity to network with partners and APCOM’s family. As Songkran’s day is Family day also, so today it is like we are the same family in Thailand and the same region. I wish APCOM would continue working happily and prosperously.”
“Hello! It’s me J from the JK sportevent. Today I joined the Merit Making and annual Songkran celebration with APCOM. I feel very happy, warm, and the friendship from being around with diverse friends at this office, not only Thais, but also foreigners. I wish everyone happiness, health and collaboration more in the future. Thank you very much!”

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