Eamonn Celebrates Midnight 10 years at APCOM

By September 10, 2021 Newsroom

Contributor :
Eamonn Murphy
Regional Director of UNAIDS Asia and the Pacific

For more than a decade, APCOM has been an instrumental partner in the HIV response in Asia and the Pacific. Throughout the many years of activism, APCOM has established itself as a leading organisation, a regional driver of change and a trusted partner. The APCOM family, a team of strong-minded, passionate and dedicated leaders, have created a meaningful and positive impact on the communities they serve.

APCOM is known for its work on improving the health and rights of gay men, men who have sex with men and people of diverse sexual orientation and gender identities across the region. Over the years, we have seen programmes and HIV testing campaigns, such as TestXXX, take-off and making an impact in cities across the region. TestXXX continues to empower community-based clinics with skills in cutting-edge communication, promoting HIV testing among young MSM through strong and proactive messaging.

Recently, APCOM made headway when they published a scoping review on sexualised drug use (including Chemsex) among men who have sex with men and transgender women in Asia. The review is a great step forward in highlighting the unique challenges faced by key populations who use drugs and a principle guide for effective HIV, harm reduction and programmatic responses in the region. It also shows how APCOM continues to push boundaries and bring attention to intersecting issues affecting key populations. Their milestones are marked by their achievements and contributions to research, advocacy, leadership and networking.

When I think of APCOM, I also think about the HERO Awards and what the annual gala means to so many. The platform recognises and celebrates the achievements of HIV and LGBTIQ+ advocates and allies from across the region, a commemoration of progress, unity and solidarity among peers and colleagues.

UNAIDS is grateful to have an ally and partner like APCOM and look forward to another decade of milestones in the HIV response.

Ten years of impact. Ten years of dedication. To ten more years of APCOM.

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