APCOM Play Guide: Your Roadmap to All Sessions for MSM and Trans Communities at ICAAP 2013

By November 6, 2013 Showcase

As you’re looking through your conference pack, you will see that ICAAP 11 will be the host for many inspiring amount of interesting plenary sessions, exhibitions, workshops and events.

It’s important that you don’t lose focus and go astray. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ve done the hard work for you bringing one simple guide with you everything you need to know about the MSM and transgender sessions at ICAAP11. We’ve called this carefully crafted resource, PLAY GUIDE.

Inside PLAY GUIDE, you will discover a roadmap for all things MSM and transgender including sessions, programs and events of particular interest to those of us working on HIV and human rights.  If ICAAP is your adventure, then PLAY GUIDE is your map and compass.

This pocket-sized guide is compact and light that you can easily enclose it inside your conference badge, so you can keep it with you all the times throughout the conference. You can download your copy of PLAY GUIDE now or grab this pocket sized conference guide at APCOM’s PLAY BOOTH #A11 (inside the registration hall) or any one of the APCOM sessions throughout ICAAP11.

Click to download your copy now.

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