APCOM Retreat is not only about relaxing, but also teambuilding, loving, and sharing

By March 10, 2023 Learning, Newsroom, What We Do

As part of our Annual Planning, we also had a team retreat during 1-3 February 2023. This year we went to Kaeng Krachan, Phetchaburi Province to enjoy the nature, the river and dam, the forest, local food, and the sunset together!

It is chance for us to winddown after an intense Planning Meeting and enjoy each other’s company. Highlights of the event was, for example, on the first day when we fed the monkeys while taking a boat trip to the Krang Krachan dam. They made us scream like mad when they tried to encircle us on the boat to get food more and more. It was so wild but exciting!

Another one was the party on the second night under the theme “Natural”. Definitely, we all dressed up to slay the others and win the Best Costume prize. There were, such as, hunter, flower, snake, and many more upon our imagination. And the time has come for the Best APCOM Award announcement, which aims to acknowledge APCOM staff for their dedications for the organization throughout the year 2022 in different fields. These are our awards’ recipients of this year. Let’s find out!

Staff of the Year 2022:

Chatsuda Hanbang,
Finance and Administrative Officer

“Thank you everyone for voting for me, I really appreciate it. I am very surprised to get this award because all of us have been working as hard as others. This award should go to everyone in the office, not only me. In the future, as the best staff, I will do my best every day for APCOM and everyone. However, I will balance life and work as APCOM is trying to encourage all staff to have good mental health too.”

Mister Well-being 2022:

Naphat Kruthai,
SOGIESC Rights Assistant

“It was really surprising that I got this award because for me I did all the things that I can to support all of my colleagues. But anyway, it also really appreciates to have it not only because of the award itself but because I am part of the great team, a part of the organization that gives me a chance to follow my passion by serving the community I belong to.”

Miss Congeniality 2022:

Suriya Phongphunngam,
Communications Officer

“Thank you very much for voting for me for Miss Congeniality Award. Friendly, likeable, talkative, and easy-going are my personality. I believe that smiling is the unhidden energy to open the door to everyone’s heart. So, if anyone wants someone to talk to or someone to cheer you up, just smile at me. I am all ears and I am rooting for you.

Best Costume of Office Retreat (Feb 23): 

Wattana Keiangpa,
Operations and Programmes Support Officer

“The costume theme this year is about nature. So, I thought of the nature of myself that there is no need to fabricate much. Actually, the dress I wore tonight was a gift from the lucky draw during the Happy New Year Party with friends. I just added tree branches and some green elements into this western maid dress. Then I added the sissy pose on the catwalk pouring wine to everyone to get a score from the judges. This is such a huge success. I didn’t do anything much, just be myself. So glad for this award and can’t wait to slay next time again.”

Best Zoom Chair 2022:

Vaness S. Kongsakul,
Operations and Communications Officer

“Our catch-up meeting chair has been assigned ahead; you just need to be prepared. Arrive early, turn some music on. Use a little bit of creativity to come up with an interesting topic and game. People don’t want to be in a boring online meeting, and now you have the power to change it.”

Most On Time at the annual planning meeting (Jan 23):

Chartlada Sangakij,
Creative Communications and Media Assistant

“I have to confess that I’m not always on time on a regular basis but with the Annual Planning I tried to show up because I know it’ll be tiring and I want to bring the ‘we are here’ energy to the group. I don’t think there’ll be this award this year so I was quite surprised and felt good. I’m trying to be on time everyday too.”

Most Active at the annual planning meeting (Jan 23):

Nicky Suwandi,
Knowledge Management & Learning Officer

“I’m not expecting this award, as I was mainly just asked questions to be enlightened, also as a way to clear up the room from some discussions that may seem ambiguous during the annual planning meeting. I guess it never hurts to be brave to speak your mind – as long as we stick to constructive criticism principles and focus on the positive side to become better – and remember to be proactive in everything we are involved in.”

On the last day was a relaxing day on the Cha-Am beach. We indulged ourselves with fresh seafood from the local market while listening to the waves and the wind. It was really refreshing for the wrap of the retreat this year. If you want to see more pictures of the activities, please visit our Facebook, or visit us at APCOM. Last but not least, let’s hear the voices from our newest staffs’ reflections regarding the trip.

“I’m so glad to join the retreat. I can feel the welcoming atmosphere from every staff member and it is an opportunity for me to share great moments with my colleagues. I really appreciated the opportunity to be part of this team.”

Said Natthakorn Chatsakulsri, Intern

“My recent three-day work retreat with my APCOM colleagues was incredible! The opportunity gave me a chance to bond and connect with colleagues on a deeper level and also an opportunity to participate in some pretty awesome team-building activities. The retreat was held outside of Bangkok, which was a nice change of pace for me since I’m used to the hustle and bustle of the city. Overall, the retreat provided an excellent opportunity to recharge, refocus, and return to work, feeling more motivated and productive than ever.”

Commented Pukar Bista, Gender Equality Officer

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