APCOM with WHO, UNAIDS, and USAID, along with FHI360 Held a Webinar on PrEP

New PrEP Products for Asia Pacific: What Do We Need to Know?

PrEP has been recommended by WHO for people at substantial risk of HIV. However, PrEP rollout in the region still limited and not at scale. And with the recent UNAIDS Seizing the Moment report stated that key populations in the Asia Pacific region are insufficiently served by HIV prevention. Making this is the time to advocate PrEP, especially at a moment where new PrEP products are becoming available. With the positive results for the safety and efficacy injectable drug cabotegravir (CAB-LA) for the prevention of HIV among cisgender men and transgender women who have sex with men, communities have more viable options to protect themselves.

APCOM, with the support of WHO, UNAIDS, and USAID, along with FHI360, the USAID EpiC Project, PATH, IHRI, PrEP Viet and APTN, are organizing a webinar that is going to focus on the new PrEP modalities in the Asia Pacific region. In a 90-minute online session, the webinar will discuss the evidence supporting CAB-LA from the successful HPTN 083 Study, while also discussing implications for combination prevention and other future PrEP products. Representatives from key population communities will also share their views on how they envisioned PrEP going forward.


  1. To increase awareness of new PrEP products among key population communities and other stakeholders;
  2. To provide country examples of good practices for community-led service delivery for new PrEP products with different key populations;
  3. To sensitise the community to the issues to be included in the regional values and preference survey.
Update on WHO guidance for PrEP and sensitization of the upcoming regional PrEP Values and Preferences SurveyDr. Heather-Marie Schmidt
WHO and UNAIDS Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
Key findings from research on LAI-PrEP preferences presented at IAS2021Video presentation from Vietnam
HPTN 083 Study and its implication to combination preventionDr. Nittaya Phanuphak
IHRI, Thailand
Presentation and lessons learned on CAB-LA service delivery
IHRI, Thailand (including 1 TGW PrEP user from the study)
– Jemma Samitpol
– Thirawat Sawingkun (Cheeky)
PrEP Viet – UNC, Vietnam (including 1 MSM PrEP user from the study)
– Dr Tran Viet Ha
– Dr Le Thi Thanh
– Tran Vu Dang

Hua Boonyapisomparn (APTN) & Midnight Poonkasetwattana (APCOM)
Communities to share their views on new PrEP products and how they envisioned PrEP service delivery going forward
– Transmen: Chu Thanh Ha (Ha) (It’s T Time Support Group, Vietnam)
– MSM and drug use/chemsex: Yasir Ali Khan (HIV Buddies, Pakistan)
– Transgender Women: Janlee Dungca (LoveYourself, Inc. & Castro Communications, Philippines)
– FSW: Putul Singh & Bhagya R (All India Sex Worker Network (AINSW)/Ashodaya, India) + translator
– YKP: Fletcher Chiu (Youth LEAD, Taiwan)
Hua Boonyapisomparn (APTN) & Midnight Poonkasetwattana (APCOM)

Speakers Presentations

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