Appreciation Message to my Body

By October 9, 2023 Learning, Newsroom

Contributed by
Ladawan Sangakij

Editing by Chartlada Sangakij

I have a lot to say about my body.

First of all, I feel happy that, at this age, I don’t have any NCDs (Non-Communicable Diseases) that many old aged people do. A nurse at the hospital used to express her surprise regarding this. However, this is not good enough. We need to maintain many other aspects in our body whose operations are the most sophisticated on earth. I thought of what people in the past did in their daily life when there were no electric appliances which balanced their body systems. So, I still hand wash my laundry and crawl along the floor to clean it with a piece of cloth. (In fact, I don’t know how to mob to get the same result.) Apart from housework, I do gardening, mostly laboring work. I have been using my physical strength and my hands very much, probably too much. A thought of  doing my hand insurance came to my mind many times. I think of the day when I cannot use my hands as well as at present. My life would be in despair. No one can work for me at the level of my satisfaction. I realize that I am exceptionally hard-working. That’s why I feel pity for my body many times. However, above all, I feel extremely grateful for it. Stay safe and strong. I try to take better care of you. I totally appreciate your support in my life all along.

There’s a Thai phase saying that if the color of your knees is so fair, you never do housework.
I broke my left wrist but that couldn’t stop me from doing my housework and gardening.
I wore this skirt when I worked with an overseas company. They asked me to wear stockings as I had leg hair and dark knees.

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