BiarAmanJadiNyaman Packages Delivers by the Community for the Community in Jakarta

By November 30, 2023 Advocacy, Regional

Nicky Suwandi

APCOM, Thailand

“1 out of 2 of all new HIV infections in Indonesia are among young people under 24 years old. We must make sure prevention tools such as condoms, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and U=U are accessible without difficulties. Indonesia can move towards ending AIDS only by ensuring relevant, discrimination-free, comprehensive HIV services for all. We must act now,” said Krittayawan Boonto, the Country Director of UNAIDS Indonesia.

The World AIDS Day 2023 theme “Let Communities Lead” is very much reflected upon a meaningful initiative helmed by APCOM in collaboration with GWL-INA’s flagship campaign testJKT. Titled Paket #BiarAmanJadiNyaman (Safety Pleasurable Package), the initiative is aimed to increase demand and access to condoms and lubricants for young people who need it the most in metropolitan Jakarta and its greater area, a catalyst efforts implemented for, with and by communities.

Through this initiative, targeted beneficiaries are provided with creatively-designed HIV prevention packages, which are accessible online and delivered to or picked up in the place that the beneficiaries are most comfortable with (e.g. home, office, community-based centers, etc.). It consists of 3 premium branded condoms, 2 lubricant sachets, and a t-shirt as merchandise. Also enclosed is printed information, education and communication (IEC) material that provide details of HIV prevention and reasons why communities need to access them. These items are all enrobed in an elegant multi-purpose laptop-sized white pouch.

Oliel Sulaiman, the Officer who works in this initiative stated,

“The project is extremely crucial. Due to the high HIV prevalence among young men who are sexually active, there’s an urgent need for accurate sexual health education, as well as to address stigma and discrimination, which may hinder our communities’ access to proper healthcare service.”

He added to his statement,

“With a focus on active community participation, this project can enhance awareness, improve access, promote safer sex practices and promote PrEP as another powerful prevention tool that is relatively new in Indonesia.”

#BiarAmanJadiNyaman Package is a micro component of the larger Indo-Pacific HIV Prevention Program (period 2021-2023), implemented with support from Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and UNAIDS Regional Support Team for Asia and the Pacific. The small but significant initiative is complemented with a mini demand creation campaign, an effort to boost its presence and promotional efforts among targeted beneficiaries. Launched sometime in the beginning of June 2023, the campaign committed to produce at least 12 social media contents every month, mainly creating buzz about the package, along with other relevant information to raise awareness on the importance of HIV prevention. 

Some other strategies utilized for this initiative includes offline and online activation events (including mini webinars), community influencers, and interactive ‘virtual challenge.’ As an alternative way for package distribution, the team also made partnerships with 2 local community-based organizations, Yayasan Pesona Jakarta (YPJ) and Gaya Patriot Bekasi (GPB). The many different strategies put in motion are testJKT Team’s best efforts to adapt this contemporary initiative to the current contexts and trends in Indonesia. (The incipient concept comes from Party Packs launched by APCOM’s testBKK during COVID-19 pandemic times.)

“I admired the creativity, passion and courage that our Indonesia partner were putting into their campaigns, despite in the midst of conservatism and some challenging situation in their contexts,” said Bloom Siriwattakanon from Youth Voices Count (YVC), who provided youth-specific technical assistance support for this initiative, while complimented, “Hat off to them!”

Another positive result from the hard work of testJKT Team is securing partnership with VIVO, a national condom producer, to such an extent that premium quality products are provided free as part of the package to be experienced by targeted beneficiaries. Jia Nova, testJKT Campaign Assistant, said, “Young people who are vulnerable can benefit from this project by accessing good quality condoms.” On a different occasion, a representative who doesn’t want to be named from VIVO commented, “We are very happy to be able to help testJKT carry out its campaign to provide protection against HIV virus. Hopefully we can work together again sometime in the future.”

Jia and team are conclusively able to cater the high demand from community beneficiaries. They oversee the delivery of a total 400 packages (from initial 300), to which she responded,

“We’re feeling ecstatic that this initiative is warmly embraced by our communities. We believe our collective efforts have created an impact, especially in increasing their knowledge about the importance of double protection or combination prevention.”

One of the package recipients, Andhika, shared his opinion,

“The package is very helpful, and very up to date, too. I mean, this kind of campaign method is certainly going to be popular among millennials.”

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Published on: 30 November 2023

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