Body Positivity Campaign Launched on Valentine’s Day #apacAllBody

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The annual day to celebrate love is upon us again and we hope that, despite the on-going pandemic, you’ll be able to celebrate with your loved ones, your special friends or someone that you admire. 

To celebrate the day, APCOM is inviting you – yes YOU – to join our Body Positive campaign. 

Photo from Out Of The Shell’s Art Exhibition at Dreamer Studio, Bangkok
Photo from Out Of The Shell’s Art Exhibition at Dreamer Studio, Bangkok

This campaign aims to crush the idea that there is a perfect body standard and celebrates body diversity. Each one of us is unique and this should be celebrated by promoting discussions on body positivity that is inclusive of all races and ethnicities, differently-abled people, gender identities, sexual orientations and/or health status.

“The campaign is to bring awareness, discussion and visibility about accepting ourselves and our bodies – and celebrating diverse bodies. We will hold exhibitions based on the submissions from the region taking part in the campaign during Pride Month in June and also in November for our HERO Awards 2022,”

Midnight, APCOM Executive Director. 

A notable and pervasive issue within the LGBTQI, HIV community and marginalised communities, aggravated by the digital world, is the perceived defect in their physical appearance, which results in low self-esteem, low self-acceptance and furthers self-stigma. This campaign is for everyone to take part and you don’t need to be from the LGBTQI and HIV community.  We would like to include all the differently-abled, including people with disabilities, minorities, marginalized and vulnerable groups to be proud of their body and be empowered that this body has no limitation to do the best of oneself.

APCOM, a regional organisation operating in the Asia Pacific working on the health, wellbeing, and human rights of the LGBTQI community and quality of life for people living with HIV, would like to invite you to join this regional campaign across Asia and Pacific to celebrate and promote healthy living, body-positivity and body acceptance. 

Photo from Out Of The Shell’s Art Exhibition at Dreamer Studio, Bangkok

Read here on how our staff is taking part in the Body Positivity campaign:

“This campaign is a very good start to change the negative perception about your own body, to make you realise that you are already beautiful and that you do not need to be perfect in the eyes of others.”

Vaness S. Kongsakul, Operations and Communications Officer

“My photograph expresses my vulnerability and, as we all struggle in this long journey of growth and self-acceptance, I hope people can feel they can express any emotions they have or relationship they have with their body.”

Chartlada Sangakij (JJ), Creative Communications and Media Assistant

How to take part in the campaign?

Through any of your online activities, please message about body positivity with the hashtag #apacAllBody. The best way is to speak up about body positivity on your private or public platforms. Give your opinions and motivate people. 

You can share through our social media as well

  • Photograph – Post your photo(s) that show how proud you are with your body and hashtag #apacAllbody together with other hashtags you would like to support. For example, #mybodymypride, #realsizebeauty , etc.
  • Nude photo: Full naked, half naked or showing only some body part(s).
    For the skin color & texture matter, we suggest you show your bare skin.
  • Wear body fit clothes: You can show your body shape through fabrics as well
  • Body paint: Paint or write word(s) or short messages on body part(s) for example back or belly
  • Signboard: Write word(s) or short messages on a paper or tablet, taking a photo with you (naked or with clothes on) holding it.
  • Video – Instagram Reel or TikTok no longer than 20 seconds.

14 February – 25 November 2022

Your submission may be chosen for two exhibitions planned in June and November 2022! 

If you are interested in sponsoring this campaign to show solidarity for a more equal and just society for LGBTQI human rights, and people living with HIV, please contact APCOM on [email protected],,

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