Celebrative life and times with Midnight Poonkasetwattana

By September 10, 2021 Newsroom

Contributor :
Rachel Baggaley
Medical Officer
WHO, Geneva, Switzerland
Coordinator, Key populations and prevention
Department of HIV/AIDS

Congratulations dear Midnight 10 years at APCOM what decade full of so many achievements.   

2015 Together with Gertude Ncube at the Vancouver AIDS Conference

You have been a constant support to WHO over this time.  Thank you hugely for your wisdom, passion and dedication to work on key populations.  I have always absolutely loved working with you.  You are such a star.  You have shown such crucial professional leadership in Asia-Pacific, embracing innovations and demanding action.  You are unwavering in your views and the need to address human rights and equality for all.   You have also been a kind and loyal friend to me and WHO colleagues.  Never shying away from being critical when necessary but also so supportive when you think we are going in the right direction.   I have learnt so much from you.

2018 Amsterdam AIDS conference

I have so many happy memories of fun times together in far flung places.  You are and always up for a night on the town after a long working day.  You have been very generous to me on a personal level, putting up with the vagaries of a little old woman as you helped me explore some of the hidden highlights of Bangkok and introduced me to the best of food to be had in street cafes. 

My sincerest wish is that you continue at APCOM.  The world continues to need your leadership, your compassion, zeal and energy.  So many challenges ahead.

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