Community Consultation Meeting, 14 December 2019, Kathmandu – Nepal

By February 7, 2020 Newsroom, Showcase

14 December 2019, Kathmandu- Nepal. Under the GF-TA programme, with APCOM’s support, Blue Diamond Society held a community consultation meeting for community members, CCM members and targeted interventions (MSM and Transgender). 

This one-day meeting created comfortable space for participants and had allowed them to raise their voices or challenges which affects MSM and TG communities engage in Global Fund (GF) meetings/activities or GF country dialogue processes. A majority of participants highlighted the challenges such as poor participation of MSM and TG communities in meetings, poor communications between CCM and GF with KAP communities, the poor capacity of communities to understand GF technical terms/ languages, and etc. Also, this meeting assisted CCM (Country Coordinating Mechanisms) members to gather challenges/ issues and suggestions which would be presented at the CCM meeting for support or actions. Besides discussing challenges/issues, the community members strengthened their relations with CCM members and Blue Diamond Society. As part of the next steps of meeting, Blue Diamond Society will provide support to CCM members to present community challenges in the upcoming CCM meetings.

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