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APCOM is excited to announce the release of our special COMPASS Series, a set of reports that highlight the main features of APCOM’s wide array of programming. The series stands as a culmination of the organization’s biggest initiatives, most of which have spanned multiple years and countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Below please find a short description of each report along with links to download the full, printable versions.


Sustainable HIV Financing in Transition (SHIFT)

Funded by the Global Fund, the SHIFT program is a two-year advocacy programme empowering civil society organizations and key population networks to influence domestic HIV financing processes at a time where countries are transitioning out of international support and funding. The urgent need for investments in community systems strengthening during the transition processes, which contributes to stronger and more resilient civil society, is needed to allow organizations and networks to better navigate domestic funding environments and advocate for continued commitment to HIV.

Download the SHIFT leaflet here.



WISDOM is a knowledge management project with the aims to amplify and connect [thus far] unheard voices in Southeast Asia in efforts to leave no one behind. Together with 4 LGBTI community organisations from Laos, Cambodia, Philippines and Indonesia, this programs provides technical assistance to LGBTI-partners in-country, and improves their access to social services through advocacy and political participation.

Download the WISDOM leaflet here.



The PULSE initiative is a 3-year long project encompassing research, community capacity strengthening and advocacy that aims to improve HIV response for young gay and bisexual men in the Greater Mekong. The data generated from the program’s sequential surveys will be used to inform preventive intervention activities as well as build capacity for national MSM networks in reducing HIV prevalence and incidence. The first of three annual surveys collecting behavioural and epidemiological data from young MSM aged 15-24 years who use the internet in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam will launch in late March 2018.

Download the PULSE leaflet here.


Multi-Country South Asia Global Fund HIV Programme (MSA)

Without an effective intervention to the current HIV epidemic trend, USAID predicts that by 2020 MSM will account for almost half of all new HIV infections in Asia, mainly in larger urban areas. It is for this reason that the focus of the MSA programme is to reduce the impact of, and vulnerability to, HIV of MSM, hijras and transgender people through Community Systems Strengthening (CSS) in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. MSA focuses its activities on  capacity building initiatives, technical assistance on organisational systems, support in advocacy and research efforts as well as creating and sustaining a regional online resource hub.

Download the MSA leaflet here.



The TestXXX initiative is  a behaviour change communication campaign that aims to increase the HIV services uptake among young gay men and youth men who have sex with men (YMSM) who live in cities with high HIV prevalence among the demography. These programs are designed to empower the existing community-based clinics to reach wider YMSM audience and to generate more promising behaviour change by harnessing the power of cutting-edge communications and creativity that resonates with today’s culture of YMSM, such as the popular use of mobile sexual networking apps and other online platforms to regularly  and new sexual partners.

Download the TestXXX leaflet here.

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