Contextualizing U=U at Countries in Asia

By July 27, 2021 Learning, Newsroom, Regional


In 2020, through support from EpiC Project, in partnership with Prevention Access Campaign (PAC), in coordination with Gilead, APCOM organized a webinar about the principles and key messaging of “Undetectable=Untransmittable (U=U)” for communities in Asia-Pacific to increase the visibility of campaigns on ‘U=U’ in the region.

The first in the series is the [1. UNDERSTAND] Webinar to establish a common understanding about the science behind U=U among key populations, community-based organisations, and other stakeholders.

The main objective of the [1. UNDERSTAND] Webinar is to establish a common understanding within the communities in Asia-Pacific about the science and evidence behind ‘Undetectable=Untransmittable (U=U)’ by:

  • Presenting the basic science review of HPTN 052, PARTNER 1 & 2, OPPOSITES ATTRACT and the groundswell of earlier studies
  • Sharing examples of community-led advocacy and endorsements by the world’s leading scientific and medical institutions

In adapting the [ UNDERSTAND ] Webinar at the country level, the country partner (consultant or organisation) is welcome to introduce new sessions or new discussion points that are based on the country’s context especially those relevant to issues of PLHIV, access to ART, viral load testing, stigma and discrimination, mental health, and others. The country partner is also welcome to introduce, as necessary, new approaches in facilitating the webinar. These approaches may either promote or facilitate interaction amongst participants, or on the other hand, strengthen the confidentiality of the PLHIV participants.


The dates vary per country. Each country activity will be lead or actively participated by a community partner.




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