Contextualizing U=U at Countries in Asia

By July 27, 2021 Learning, Newsroom, Regional


Misinformation about U=U persists among healthcare providers throughout the region and awareness among people living with HIV and the general public remains quite low. This is one of the reasons why HIV-related stigma and discrimination against key populations persist in healthcare settings. The dissemination of U=U messaging aims to raise awareness and promote the knowledge that a PLHIV with undetectable viral load has ZERO RISK of transmitting HIV to sexual partners (untransmittable).

As part of the initiative, APCOM strengthens the communication strategies of country-level community-based organisations (CBOs), or PLHIV networks in the Asia-Pacific Region to tailor and adapt the stages and key messaging to guide active engagements with communities, health providers and national HIV program.

The engagement of the key population is crucial to ensuring that the needs of their communities are appropriately addressed in particular on activities related to the key messaging of U=U. Yet clear, concise and community-friendly guidance on communications and social media strategies are very limited.  The messaging founded on the  The U=U campaign is vital for bringing the science to not only the general public and health practitioners, but also to people living with HIV who may not have been informed about U=U, especially those who are already marginalized by healthcare systems. From a human rights perspective, one of the key messages of U=U advocates for the rights of PLHIV to have access to accurate information about their social, sexual and reproductive health HIV stigma is a public health emergency. This phase of the program will tailor and adapt the key messages derived from the principle of U=U to fit within a country’s local context. Tailoring and adapting a health communication campaign goes beyond translating the language.


The dates vary per country. Each country activity will be lead or actively participated by a community partner.



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