The Fact Sheets to Ensure the MSM and Transgender Communities’ Engagement in Global Fund New Funding Model Country Dialogue are Now Available in Local Languages

By May 26, 2017 Publications

In 2014, APCOM releases fact sheets containing knowledge and resources needed by the MSM and trans communities to take part effectively in the Country Dialogue, particularly knowing that each of the NFM application stages can be difficult to understand within the length of the community’s capacity. The fact sheets are uniquely tailored to the MSM and trans community in 17 eligible Asia-Pacific countries for the funding.

Country Dialogue is an open and inclusive conversation with people responding to and affected by HIV, TB and malaria. While the Country Coordinating Mechanism itself includes representatives of a wide variety of different groups, the purpose of the country dialogue is to go beyond its membership to reach out to all those involved in the response to the diseases, including those key populations affected by the diseases. The purpose of country dialogue is to identify needs, work on national strategies, build resource mobilization efforts and prioritize programs that will have the most impact; and APCOM is insistent on ensuring that the voices of MSM and transgender communities are heard in every step of the way.

The fact sheets have now been translated into the local language of the following country:


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