Project Components and Achievements

Pilot projects

Finance Inc. partner organizations designed pilot projects which they implemented in their respective countries. The designs of the pilot projects were anchored on the Theory of Change which APCOM and country partners developed during a project evaluation and planning session last December 2020.

The pilot projects aimed to engage the private sector in their countries on LGBQTI inclusion. The pilot project aimed to give insights, lessons learned and possible ways forward in scaling up engagements with the private sector in the future.

Pilot projects were implemented by country partner organizations during the last phase of Finance Inc.

Country Partners

Cambodia: Advocacy for LGBTQI Inclusion in the private sector through awareness raising


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Video 1: 

The open door

LGBTQI people struggle to find a job because of discrimination in the workplace, and they cannot access financial services because they do not have guarantors or official documents and some microfinance institutions classify them as high-risk population on loan repayment.

This video highlights how LGBTQI inclusion in the workplace will benefit the private sector. The video presents views of an employer who includes LGBTQI in the workplace, his/her LGBTQI employee, and representative of a non-government organization. This aims to raise awareness in this situation and contribute to the overall goal of economic empowerment of LGBTQI in Cambodia. We believe that people will improve their knowledge on LGBTQI economic empowerment and start to do small things to contribute to LGBTQI economic empowerment.


Video 2:

Start-up hope

LGBTQI people struggle to survive because of discrimination in the workplace, and they cannot access financial services because they do not have guarantors or official documents.

This video shares the life of a trans man who struggles to improve his life . This video aims to address the misconception of LGBTQI persons as having no future (cannot do business) in Khmer society. It also aims to raise awareness about LGBTQI people’s lived experience and reality. This video also aims to inspire to try their best in life as the subject, Mr. Sorn Neoun, did. 

Indonesia: Bridging LGBTQI Communities and the Private Sector For Inclusion

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Lao PDR: SOGIE Inclusion Advocacy in the Workplace with Select Private Sector in Lao PDR


Video 1: 

Story of change

This video, which aims to inspire equality, diversity and inclusion in the private sector, shares the insights and perspectives of LGBTQI individuals who work in companies with equality  policies and practices.

This video aims to inspire other businesses to be more inclusive.



Video 2:

Diversity & Inclusion in workplace

This video calls for diversity and inclusion in workplaces in Lao PDR. It also underscores the importance of more discussions about sexual and gender diversity and workplaces and crafting inclusive policies, and ways forward in making workplaces more inclusive.

The interviewees from various private companies also shared how gender and sexual diversity awareness raising conducted by CHIAs as part of their pilot project contributed to increased understanding and reflections on matters related to LGBTQI.


Philippines: Engagement with the Private Sector through Development of SOGIESC Sensitivity Workshop Digital and Physical Modules

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The video discusses the LGBTQI situation in the Philippines. The video focuses on the situation, including the challenges of LGBTQI Filipinos in the workplace, how these challenges are being navigated,  among other domains, as surfaced at the research component of Finance Inc.

The video also shares the experience of Babaylanes in implementing the Finance Inc pilot project component, which Babaylanes designed and implemented.

It also shares strategies and recommendations on what can be done towards the goal of equality and inclusion.