Fundraising 101: For NGOs Working on LGBTQI and HIV

By November 5, 2021 Learning

With 32 years of experience in the social-purpose sector, Usha Menon is a celebrated speaker, connector and consultant on nonprofit governance, management, fundraising and philanthropy. Usha is Founder of Usha Menon Management Consultancy, an international training and consultancy service that works exclusively with social purpose organisation. She also serves on the board and advisory of various international social-good organisations.

During the pre-conference at the APCOM Community Summit 2020. Usha Menon, Founder of Usha Menon Management Consultancy, made a presentation on Fundraising 101 and reflected on the very basic principles and concepts of fundraising. 

When engaging in fundraising initiatives, one should always keep the following 4 key principles in mind:

1 – Fundraising is not about money, but rather the reflection about the reason for the fundraising and why money is needed to make an impact;

2 – People give to people, not to organizations. Hence, one needs to talk about the impact of the work on the people;

3 – You do not get what you do not ask for. Talk about the reasons for your fundraising and who the target population is. Be clear on what you ask for, e.g.  advocacy, voice, medication. and talk about the reasons for and the people.

4 – Provide the opportunity to give. Do not focus on asking, but on giving. In other words, give people an opportunity to make a difference with their money, their time or voice.

Usha Menon also encouraged the participants to better understand fundraising methodologies and to reflect on how communities can be mobilized.  There are different ways to get engaged with the community through, for example, asking for their funds, other resources, voice, influence and time. 

Usha then walked the participants through the different methodologies and explained the individual characteristics for each of them.  

The different methodologies are listed below:

  • Face to face
  • Peer to peer
  • Online – digital
  • Gaming/lucky draw
  • Memorial tribute gift
  • Merchandising
  • Special events
  • Corporate
  • Cause related marketing
  • Legacy

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