HERO Awards 2020: APCOM Unveils much anticipated nominees list

By November 7, 2020 November 23rd, 2020 Newsroom, Regional, Showcase


Dareecha Male Health Society,


Dareecha Male Health Society, an organization solely working on health conditions, health restoration and social welfare of Transgender and MSM community of Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Founded in 2012 with a vision of promoting and imparting better health facilities, awareness of Human rights and well-being of Transgender and MSM community and their associated companions. Working with the MSM/TG community, since 2012 under GFATM and with the Government of Pakistan, Dareecha has successfully provided awareness platforms to the Transgender community members to have a better and healthy lifestyle.

“When Dareecha staff and community heard about the APCOM Hero Award, we were all very excited. Dareecha has not ever stopped awareness via service delivery and in-person sessions since it started working even during periods of lack of funding. The key staff of Dareecha and all the allies from the community have worked extremely hard and we all believe that this organization deserved to be recognized and acknowledged at a regional and international level.”

TLF Share

The Philippines

TLF Share is a non-profit, non-governmental organization existing of peer educators, trainers and advocates working on the sexual health, human rights; and empowerment of gay, bisexuals, men who have sex with men (MSM), and transgenders. TLF Share helps in facilitating communities engaging with their local governments, being able to establish their own organizational sustainability, and being able to campaign for ordinances that protect the rights of the LGBTQIA+, including their intersections to other marginalized populations.

Tonga Leitis’ Association


The Tonga Leitis’ Association (TLA) was established in 1992 under the guidance of its 1st President Mrs Papiloa Foliaki MP. TLA works to develop and nurture our distinctive talents, gifts, self-concept, self-esteem and behaviours, while promoting the ongoing support, love, care and respect for ourselves and each other. With their contributions to Tongan society and culture-especially on the health, social and economic issues-their initiative empowers the Tongan society and, ultimately, helps to re-define the general communities’ understanding of the distinctive nature and attributes of the TLA and its pupils.

“We were totally surprised and absolutely overwhelmed because we never thought that our Organization will ever be nominated to any recognized awards such as the Hero Awards.”

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