HERO Awards 2023: The Honourees

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Unveiling Honourees
for the Community Hero Category

Supported by ILGA Asia

We unveil honourees of the Community Hero selected by ILGA Asia, one of our community partners. 

“The HERO Awards are a tribute to the unwavering commitment of LGBTIQ activists who have dedicated their lives to defending and promoting the rights of our communities. At ILGA Asia, we recognise the importance of supporting and recognising these leaders so that they can continue to carry out their pivotal work.”

“As we look towards a post-pandemic era, ILGA Asia hopes for a more conducive environment that enables LGBTIQ human rights organisations to organise, build movements, and advocate for their rights.”

Henry Koh (they/them), Executive Director of ILGA Asia

Among ILGA Asia’s proudest achievements in 2022, is bringing together 450 human rights activists and leaders at the 9th ILGA Asia Conference in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Together, we charted a path forward and set the agenda for human rights in the region for the next few years.

More information about ILGA Asia

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Revealing Honourees for the
Transgender Hero Category:
APCOM 7th HERO Awards 2023

The Transgender Hero is supported by our Community Partner APTN

“The COVID-19 pandemic teaches us that collaboration and partnership with communities are critical to overcoming issues affected by the pandemic. I have witnessed trans-led groups and organizations doing everything they can to help their community members, while many trans people were left out of mainstream welfare and support programs. It proves that when communities come together, we are stronger. We will continue to nurture this value as we move beyond the pandemic.”

Nachale Boonyapisomparn (Hua)
Regional Steering Committee and Thai Foundation Board of APTN
APTN’s activities on Southeast Asia Convening where trans activist around Southeast Asia were invited to discuss the state of trans rights and collaborate on future trans movement synergy and focus.

This year, the German Embassy in Bangkok, as Co-chairs of the Equal Rights Coalition and Chair of the UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board will be the host. 

“We are very glad to contribute to this year’s HERO Awards ceremony. It takes a lot of courage, perseverance and resolve to fight for LGBTQI and HIV response causes. Awardees deserve our deep respect, great admiration and broad support.”

Hans-Ulrich Südbeck,
Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Germany, Thailand 

In the run up to the event, we are announcing the honourees for two more categories; Community Ally, and Health and Wellbeing. 

“The HERO Awards can only come together with passionate support from sectors that truly  want our world to be a more equal and inclusive society for all. We thank the German Embassy for being our host this year, our community partners, and our Principal Sponsor, the Open Society Foundations. Our team looks forward to once again providing a platform to shine a light on individuals, organizations, and allies who have dedicated their lives despite challenges and overcoming obstacles for the betterment of their communities.”

Executive Director, APCOM

We’re only days away from the HERO Awards – taking place in the evening of
Friday 24 November at The Sukosol Hotel in Bangkok.

Have you got your tickets yet? 

There is also the HERO Awards Afterparty to continue the celebration. 

HERO Awards 2023: The Honourees

Community Organisation


Key Population Advocacy Consortium
Papua New Guinea

Social Justice

Rhadem Musawah

Young Achiever

Angel Queentus
Sri Lanka

Jean Dinco

Community Ally

Anupama Easwaran

Rachel Baggerly
United Kingdom

Health and Wellbeing

Dr Jeremiah Pereira

Sarmad Muhammad Soomer

Community Hero

The Community Hero is supported by out Community Partner ILGA Asia

Aisha Mughal

Raymond Phang

Transgender Hero

The Transgender Hero is supported by our Community Partner APTN

Lattavanh Sengdala

Saro Imran

Reyna Valmores

Stay tuned for more HERO Awards 2023’s Honourees

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