HERO Awards 2023: The Honourees

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Community Organisation
Award Recipient

Key Population Advocacy Consortium

Papua New Guinea

Key Population Advocacy Consortium is a collective voice of LGBTII+ , PLHIV and Sex Workers community members who have one voice to address issues affecting everyone. We are empowered with data collected by the community for the community to advocate for change. Our motto is “ Kumuniti Wok, Senis Kamap” meaning if Community Work Together Changes happened in Communities” We value our partners and champions to help us succeed in achieving our goals.

KP Advocacy Consortium leaders with our two mentors of UNAIDS office Port Moresby
(Director -Manoela Manova & Strategic Information Adviser – Zimmbodilion Mosende )

What is one achievement your organization has accomplished that you are proud of? Why?

KPAC has developed and implemented a homegrown Community Monitoring CLM) approach initiated through advocacy, building consensus and collaboration amongst partners. KPAC played a leadership role in planning, designing, implementing and advocating for CLM. Our aim is to enhance the quality and coverage of HIV services across Papua New Guinea. KPAC has developed a CLM recipe booklet that we can share with our own communities and partners around the world.

What do you find most challenging about your organization? Why?

The consortium is comprises of seven network organizations therefore at the leadership level we have to manage the needs of the seven different networks which is not easy. We have to identify common grounds where we can address together to benefit everyone.

KPAC values its community leaders for strengthening our advocacy programs by mobilizing resources, finance and mentoring other upcoming community leaders

What do you do to help your staff recharge their batteries?

We provide incentives for our staff to motivate them by rewarding with Certificates of Recognition, attending workshops and training outside of office environment and recognize their families who support them.

What is your ask to Donors?

KPAC has accomplished an Organization Capacity Assessment (OCA) and we have identified gap areas where we want partners to help fund. We want to strengthen our organizational systems so that we can implement programs efficiently and effectively.

Members of Kapul Champions, Hetura Network Association and Morobe Kumul Trans strengthening it legal and human rights.

You have been nominated for the community organization category. What was your reaction and please tell us why?

As a newly homegrown organization we did not expect to come this far. However, from day one
we kept our goal as an advocacy organization to build up our partnership internally and externally. We are so proud to have regional sister organizations who have advocated also on our behalf who have mobilized resources to support our programs. We have also champions who have mentored and supported us through our journey.

What is a warm/hopeful message that you would like to share with communities in the Asia Pacific?

We have learnt that our struggles have developed our strengths. KPAC has not realized its own strengths and this platform has given us the opportunity to shine. Thank you, all partners and champions who have supported KPAC when we were born in 2018.

Kila Yamo is employed with KPAC as one of the Response Centre Operators supporting National Response Centre managing the virtual platforms.

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