HERO Awards 2023: The Honourees

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Business Ally
Award Recipient

Transtalents Consulting Group


Transtalents Consulting Group envisions driving business equality by transforming the future of inclusive workplaces through LGBTQ+ economic empowerment, aiming for a better systemic socio-economic change in the long-term. Founded in 2022 by Nikki Phinyapincha, a globally recognized expert in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) as well as branding and communication, Transtalents Consulting Group offers strategic DE&I and LGBTQ+ empowerment consultations, innovative training and workshops, impact-focused collaborations, media campaigns, and community building, as well as transgender professional leadership advocacy to help businesses prioritize sustainable workforce development. To date, TransTalents actively collaborates with like-minded networks and over 20 organizations to amplify our impact on both local and global scales including IBM, Warner Music Group, PepsiCo, mygwork, ZIM, San Diego Pride, and more. Through our initiatives, such as events, campaigns, and networking with public and private sectors, we have reached an audience of 1.5 million across five countries. Notably, we have pioneered the first ASEAN transgender mentorship and seminar series, representing a new era of inclusion from the margins and fundamentally improving institutions of LGBTQ+ in real life.
Check it out at www.transtalents.co

What one achievement the company has accomplished that you’re most proud of in relation to LGBTQI? Why?

The “Trans Leadership for Inclusive Business” project stands as a truly remarkable achievement for Transtalents Consulting Group. This initiative directly addressed the socio-economic inequities faced by ASEAN trans professionals, creating a platform for representation and awareness. Through one-on-one mentorship and three impactful seminars, the project successfully bridged leadership gaps and fostered genuine inclusivity. The outcomes were nothing short of extraordinary, with 44 trans professionals and 56 business leaders participating in the hybrid mentoring, and a total of 630 attendees from various sectors joining the transformative seminars.

The project garnered significant media recognition, with 15 publicities reaching an audience of 33,303,872 and a PR value worth USD48,537. The feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with 91.4% reporting enhanced skills and 100% expressing interest in future participation. Overcoming challenges in partnerships, collaboration, and budgeting highlighted the power of strategic networking. Valuable lessons were learned, emphasizing the importance of tailored support and sustainable funding.

This year-long endeavor stands as a significant milestone in fostering genuine diversity and economic inclusion for trans professionals in ASEAN’s professional landscape.
Check more details at https://www.sasin.edu/transtalents-project 

What do you find most challenging about LGBTQI inclusion in your setting? 

Overcoming biases and stereotypes is a big challenge for LGBTQI inclusion at work. Creating a truly inclusive workplace needs ongoing education and awareness efforts to change old ideas and promote understanding. Providing specific support for transgender and gender non-conforming individuals can be tricky, as their needs are unique and may require special attention. Finding enough budget and making a strong business case for long-term funding and ROI for inclusive projects can also be tough.
Getting everyone on board, especially leaders, and having supportive allies is crucial for LGBTQI inclusion. Leaders who champion diversity and inclusion set the example for big changes in the organization. Allies, both inside and outside the LGBTQI community, play a vital role in breaking down barriers and building a culture of acceptance. These combined efforts keep the organization moving forward in its mission to create a fairer and more inclusive workplace for LGBTQI individuals.
In short, these challenges are chances to grow and come up with new ideas, motivating the organization to keep working towards a more inclusive and fair professional environment for LGBTQI individuals.

Tell us about other initiatives that the company is currently implementing in relation to LGBTQI?

Transtalents Consulting Group plans to host The ASEAN FuturPrideneurship Summit 2024 aims to be the largest LGBTQ+ workplace equality event in ASEAN. This premier two-day online summit will bring together over 500 LGBTQ+ young entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, DEI practitioners, ERG leaders, influencers, and allies. Through knowledge-sharing, workshops, networking, and celebration, attendees will leave equipped to drive positive change in their communities, countries, and the world.

What else can the business sector do more in relation to LGBTQI equality? 

The business sector can systematically advance LGBTQI equality by implementing robust diversity and inclusion programs with clear goals. Regular policy reviews and mandatory diversity training, including LGBTQI sensitivity, are crucial. Providing comprehensive transgender-inclusive healthcare benefits and collecting data on LGBTQI representation ensures accountability. Supportive mentorship and sponsorship programs aid in career development. Third-party audits and certifications verify the organization’s commitment. Promoting LGBTQI equality in leadership and engaging with LGBTQI employee resource groups are vital. Advocacy for LGBTQI rights and transparent reporting on progress demonstrate commitment. Supplier diversity programs and partnerships with LGBTQI-owned businesses contribute to a more inclusive supply chain. By taking these systematic steps, businesses can create a culture of inclusivity, setting a positive example for the industry and fostering a more equitable workplace for all.

For companies that are not yet considering having LGBTQI inclusion within their company, what would be your suggestion to help move their business to be more LGBTQI inclusive? 

The first step towards LGBTQI inclusion is to collect data for a data-driven approach. This involves gathering information on the LGBTQI community’s presence and experiences within the company. Once armed with this data, companies can develop a targeted strategy for inclusion. Education and awareness initiatives should follow, providing training to increase understanding and empathy among employees. Policies should be reviewed and updated to ensure inclusivity, with a strong focus on non-discrimination, explicitly covering sexual orientation and gender identity. Open communication and safe spaces for expression should be encouraged. Gender-inclusive language and facilities, as well as LGBTQI-specific benefits like transgender-inclusive healthcare, can further foster inclusivity.

Engaging with LGBTQI organizations and communities is crucial for gaining insights and forming valuable partnerships. Feedback from LGBTQI employees should be actively sought, and their involvement in decision-making processes is essential. Lastly, leadership should visibly support LGBTQI inclusion, setting a powerful example of commitment. By taking these steps, businesses can make substantial progress towards becoming more LGBTQI inclusive.

Your company has been nominated for the Business Ally category. What was your reaction and please, tell us why?

I’m deeply honored by the Business Ally category nomination for our trans-led LGBTQ+ organization. This recognition underscores our commitment to inclusivity within and beyond our team. It’s a powerful reminder of our impact in creating a more diverse, equitable professional landscape. We’ll persist in our advocacy for LGBTQI rights, striving for even greater progress. This nomination fuels our determination to be a steadfast ally. Thank you for this honor, and we look forward to furthering our efforts in this vital area.

As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, what warm/hopeful message that you would like to share with the other business communities in the Asia Pacific region?

As we navigate our way out of the COVID-19 pandemic, let’s remember that resilience and unity have brought us this far. Together, we can rebuild, innovate, and create a brighter future for the Asia Pacific business community. Let’s embrace the lessons learned, adapt to change, and support one another. The spirit of entrepreneurship and collaboration will guide us towards a prosperous tomorrow. Stay hopeful, stay connected, and let’s forge ahead with determination and optimism.

Natthineethiti (Nikki) Phinyapincha
Founder, TransTalents Consulting

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