HIV prevention for MSM: peer reviewed articles from FHI360 with USAID funding

By May 17, 2012 Prevention
From FHI360 with USAID funding

Does your communication work address HIV prevention for men who have sex with men (MSM)? Would you and your program like to  benefit from some of the latest research on internet-based communication that aims to decrease the HIV risk of members of this group? C-Channel 41 is for you!


The May issue of C-Change’s e-newsletter highlights six peer-reviewed articles. One summarizes findings of an expert consultation on the use of new media for HIV-prevention messaging for MSM; one reports on a pilot chat-room intervention; one describes a text-messaging intervention to reduce methamphetamine use and high-risk sexual behaviors; and one outlines a theory-based, interactive website for African American MSM. Two more articles address the Men’s INTernet Study and the use of new media and interactive, technology-based communication interventions. Additional articles on the use of text messaging are in C-Channel 33 and C-Channel 24.

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