I am not scared to be seen; this is me!

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Suriya Phongphunngam (Bobo)

Photo from APCOM’s Body Positivity Photo Exhibition, June 2022, Bangkok

Tell us about your photo/s? 

Definitely, I want my body to be perfect. I want to look good and young so that I will be confident. I have been trying to treat all the parts pf my body like a baby, however, they will never remain the same forever. Therefore, instead of trying to be perfect all the time, I learn to love myself as I am and that makes me happier.

Thanks to the Body Positive Campaign #apacAllBody by APCOM Foundation, I wondered myself whether I am totally proud of my body or not. As a human, I would not say 100% yes but at least it made me realize that the attitude towards myself is important. Positive thinking helps raise the amount of awareness and understanding of my body, which leads to confidence and happiness, despite imperfection.

For decades, people have been talking about uniqueness and diversity, but what it really means. To me, only being different that makes the world interesting is not enough. In fact, uniqueness and diversity should come along with self-satisfaction. Therefore, I support body positivity. “I am not scared to be seen; this is me!” Here are my answers contributing to be part of this campaign.

How does your body say about you and your personality?

    My body changes over the time. My mind and personality also change accordingly. When I was young, I thought I was more active in doing some sports and going out with friends. Now, moving myself is a bit slower that makes me focus more on things and see things broader.

    Which part of your body do you like most?

    My favorite part is my month. Apart from its beauty as I am happy, its function also matters. This means speaking; I like to talk to people. When I am comfortable, I will talk a lot. Furthermore, I believe that when speaking of good things, good things will happen to me. So, I am trying to speak politely, nicely, and positively to everyone as I also expect to receive the same things back too.

    “No “Body” is perfect!” Do you agree or disagree with it? Why?

    I strongly agree. People are never enough. Although people will think you are perfect just the way you are, you yourself will know what or which part of your body makes you imperfect. Therefore, I think it is normal because “No “Body” is perfect!”

    How do you overcome the negative comments or feedbacks about your body?

    I was mocked up by friends for having chest hair. It made me feel unconfident that I have been trying to avoid exposing this part to public. I meant I did not like to take off my shirt in front of people even when I went to the swimming pool. My turning point is when I studied in Italy. During two years, I found that people here seemed to be confident with their own ways and styles, especially the natural chest hair. I think maybe the majority of people here, especially Italian men, have hair grown over body. Having chest hair even you are not straight is not a crime, but it is a plus to attract people. Since then, I am more neutral to these mock up words. Now I am more confident to show my chest to the public in case I have to.

    As you picked this picture to join the campaign, can you explain a bit about the picture? What is it about? Why do you choose it?

    My chose my pictures to join the campaign, but I like to feature the picture that I took on the beach. It was taken when I was visiting Koh Lipe. I was alone and I wanted to take some picture of the place so I did selfie under my imagination of showering the sand soap. Despite of chubby, I am positive with the post and chest hair.

    What will you suggest to those who feel not happy or confident with their body?

    Less expectation, less disappointment! To feel happy and confident, you need to cut off some of your expectation of body perfection. Thinking less about how people think of what you are is the way so you can be anything that you are happy.

    Why do we have to join this campaign?
    Can you encourage people who is reluctant to join us?  

    This campaign is like the platform that allow us to express ourselves. We do not have many chances to think of body positivity and speak up to people. Many people keep negative things due to imperfection of their bodies. This will definitely dimmish happiness and confidence. Therefore, I encourage people to join the campaign to be aware of body positivity. Let’s love our bodies.  

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    How to take part in the campaign?

    Through any of your online activities, please message about body positivity with the hashtag #apacAllBody. The best way is to speak up about body positivity on your private or public platforms. Give your opinions and motivate people. 

    You can share through our social media as well

    • Photograph – Post your photo(s) that show how proud you are with your body and hashtag #apacAllbody together with other hashtags you would like to support. For example, #mybodymypride, #realsizebeauty , etc.
    • Nude photo: Full naked, half naked or showing only some body part(s).
      For the skin color & texture matter, we suggest you show your bare skin.
    • Wear body fit clothes: You can show your body shape through fabrics as well
    • Body paint: Paint or write word(s) or short messages on body part(s) for example back or belly
    • Signboard: Write word(s) or short messages on a paper or tablet, taking a photo with you (naked or with clothes on) holding it.
    • Video – Instagram Reel or TikTok no longer than 20 seconds.

    If you are interested in sponsoring this campaign to show solidarity for a more equal and just society for LGBTQI human rights, and people living with HIV, please contact APCOM on [email protected], facebook.com/apcom.org, twitter.com/apcom

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