APCOM launches innovationsmap.asia at Montréal AIDS 2022 Conference

By August 3, 2022 Regional, What We Do

Montreal, 3 August 2022

As APCOM celebrates its 15th Anniversary in 2022, it proudly launches innovationsmap.asia at a Reception in the Gay Village supported by Montréal Pride, Dignity Network Canada and ViiV Healthcare on 1 August 2022.

The online resource hub, www.innovationsmap.asia is aimed at providing information to communities to facilitate south-south learning and sharing with community-generated data and research. Bearing the name ‘innovations’, the online resource hub will also include information on Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), HIV self-testing (HIVST), and differentiated HIV service delivery or community-models of HIV services in response to COVID-19, as well as undetectable equals untransmissible (U=U).

Midnight, APCOM Executive Director commented, “We are extremely proud to launch the resource hub, and it will be adaptable to also include other program innovations that we need to see at scale in our region that are community-led, for example chemsex, community-led monitoring, long acting PrEP, and treatment literacy.” 

Supported by ViiV Healthcare’s HIV Prevention Fund which aims to accelerate PrEP and its new modalities at the regional level given APCOM ample experience on regional PrEP advocacy. The program also aims to integrate new innovations such as HIVST to reach those who are at higher risk to HIV. Through community-led initiatives, the programme will also provide a platform for countries to learn about and share their PrEP implementation experiences.  Lastly, it will generate demand for community-led delivery of combination HIV prevention tools including PrEP, HIVST and ART within the national HIV programmes. 

Midnight added,

“APCOM was officially founded in August 2007 at the 8th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP) in Colombo, so it is great to be able to celebrate this milestone physically, and as we are developing our new strategic plan that will highlight the importance of human rights, making changes in laws and policies and advocated for bringing people together around social justice, including governments, the UN system, donors and civil society.” 

Check out our innovationsmap.asia

We welcome community generated data and your work can be featured on the website as we build evidence on what communities in our region are doing in order to form stronger advocacy at the regional level – please write to [email protected]

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