International AIDS Conference 2020 – APCOM Engagements

By June 26, 2020 June 29th, 2020 Advocacy, Newsroom, Regional

APCOM’s AIDS2020 Pre-Conference Speaker

Vincent Crisostomo

Vincent Crisostomo is gay Pacific Islander AIDS activist of Chamorro descent who has been living with HIV for nearly 32 years. Crisostomo believes in the power of community and has dedicated more than 30 years to HIV/AIDS activism and LGBTQ communities. He is passionate about bringing health care and social justice equity to people of every sexual identity, HIV status, gender, race and age.

Since becoming an AIDS educator in 1991, through GCHP (GAPA Community HIV Project) and AAP (the Asian AIDS Project), two of the earliest grassroots organizations formed to response HIV/AIDS in the A&PI community later becoming the A&PI Wellness Center.  Crisostomo was the first publicly out HIV-positive Pacific Islander at World AIDS Day in 1992 documented in the film “Out In Silence”a decade later he would become the executive director of Coral Life Foundation, the first funded community-based organization to do AIDS work in the Pacific region. From 2002-2007 Crisostomo was Director of Field Operations for a national Georgetown based NIH study researching A&PI Men who Have Sex with Men (MSM).

In 2007, became the Executive Director of 7 Sisters, a broad-based alliance of regional Asia Pacific HIV/AIDS networks based in Thailand. He also served as United Nations AIDS Asia Pacific NGO Delegate from 2007-2010. Returning to San Francisco in 2013, Crisostomo leads the San Francisco AIDS Foundation’s Elizabeth Taylor 50-Plus Network a social support network serving  gay, bi, and trans men 50 years & older through weekly meetings and social gatherings. In January 2016 he was named to the San Francisco Mayor’s Long Term Care Coordinating Council where he chaired the HIV & Aging Work Group.  Additionally he co-authored two academic papers on A&PI men HIV/AIDS in the American Journal of Public Health and AIDS Education and Prevention

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