Interview with Vaness for the Body Positivity Campaign #apacAllBody

Contributor : Vaness S. Kongsakul
APCOM Operations and Communications Officer

Kicking off the Body Positive Campaign #apacAllBody is our very own Vaness who has a degree in Fine Arts theatre (acting-directing), and is used to work with his body for telling a story. We get to know a bit more about his contribution to the campaign.

Photo from Out Of The Shell’s Art Exhibition at Dreamer Studio, Bangkok

Which part/s of your body do you love most? Why? 

Hmm… I think I like my lower back, the area where you can see the Apollo dimples, since I discovered that I have those dimples and those are more common on women than men. How special do you feel if you know that you belong to the 3% of the population who have those dimples.

Which part/s of your body do you get the most compliments on? What are the reasons?

Apart from my height, it’s my chest that people seem to focus on. I frequently have been asked about my exercise practices or am I “a gym goer?”.  Well, I am definitely not a gym addict and I don’t do light exercise either. I can say that it’s probably all genetic, from my ancestors, and I like the idea that I don’t need to spend money for the gym to have that chest.

Which part/s of your body do you dislike? Why? 

This might not really answer the question but the only thing that came to mind about body + dislike is my height. Can you believe that from kindergarten until university, I have always been the shortest one among my classmates. Or, maybe my parents didn’t choose the right school for me. 

Tell us about your photo?

Nothing to say much about the photo. I have always felt comfortable sleeping naked. 

During time at the university and when we shared a house with 5 – 6 students (sometimes it got to 10 students), my classmates had to warn each other: “don’t open the door, Vaness is naked! Knock first!”

The photo that I am sharing with you shows my comfortable and kind of a personal lifestyle that not many get a chance to see. You might notice the bandage on my right leg, but I really don’t remember what happened!

How do you get so confident about your body for the photo? How do you maintain body positive thoughts? 

I think everyone’s body is completely unique and showing that uniqueness is like drawing on a canvas and letting your drawing develop based on what and how you feel. Other than that, I stop comparing myself to others in terms of body shape, height or skin colour. “I am enough!”, is the way I maintain body positive thoughts.

What do you like about the APCOM body positivity campaign and what would you like to see happen as part of the campaign? 

I have seen this movement in the western part of the world for a while and this could be adapted to start a similar movement in Asia as we all who live here know that the greeting cultural or the way to begin a conversation will always start with the “looks” and mostly come out quite negatively. This campaign is a very good start to change the negative perception about your own body, to make you realise that you are already beautiful and that you do not need to be perfect in the eyes of others. It sounds peaceful, isn’t it?

Photo from Out Of The Shell’s Art Exhibition at Dreamer Studio, Bangkok

What would your advice be if someone feels they are not comfortable and confident to do what you’re doing as part of the campaign?

Most of the time we are surrounded by negative thoughts about our bodies. But you also know that there are some parts on your body that you like.  Why don’t you start focusing positively on that! Allow yourself for a small practice about self-love. Do something nice to yourself and speak the positive messages about your body out loud.

Then you might have a reason to join this campaign. Share with APCOM the image of the part of your body that you like with a reason. It will be unique and beautiful!

Anything else you’d like to add?

Just like everyone’s personality, you are unique and already beautiful.

How to take part in the campaign?

Through any of your online activities, please message about body positivity with the hashtag #apacAllBody. The best way is to speak up about body positivity on your private or public platforms. Give your opinions and motivate people. 

You can share through our social media as well

  • Photograph – Post your photo(s) that show how proud you are with your body and hashtag #apacAllbody together with other hashtags you would like to support. For example, #mybodymypride, #realsizebeauty , etc.
  • Nude photo: Full naked, half naked or showing only some body part(s).
    For the skin color & texture matter, we suggest you show your bare skin.
  • Wear body fit clothes: You can show your body shape through fabrics as well
  • Body paint: Paint or write word(s) or short messages on body part(s) for example back or belly
  • Signboard: Write word(s) or short messages on a paper or tablet, taking a photo with you (naked or with clothes on) holding it.
  • Video – Instagram Reel or TikTok no longer than 20 seconds.

14 February – 25 November 2022

Your submission may be chosen for two exhibitions planned in June and November 2022! 

If you are interested in sponsoring this campaign to show solidarity for a more equal and just society for LGBTQI human rights, and people living with HIV, please contact APCOM on [email protected],,

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