Bangkok, 27 March 2021

“APCOM is known for its tenacity of not being afraid to apply new ideas and innovations to its work. Given the right investment, the community can greatly contribute to advancing access to health and wellbeing services, educating the community, amplifying unheard voices and showing gaps where more could be done so that we don’t leave anyone behind,”

says APCOM’s Executive Director Midnight Poonkasetwattana.

APCOM has created a new digital content channel “apcommu” as one of its social media platforms. The channel features various media formats: videos, pictures, podcasts, articles and infographics shared in most social media platforms. Its mission is to generate content for people of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities/ expressions, and sex characteristics; and to creatively strengthen these communities across the Asia Pacific region.

apcommu aims to consolidate all of APCOM’s online products by bringing information to the younger digitally aware LGBTQI target groups in a more accessible, entertaining and informative way, focusing on issues and content driven by the community, and anchored on APCOM’s four pillars:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Health & Wellness
  • Social Movement & Education
  • Business & Network

Business and Network – APCOM is galvanizing its work from the 2020 LGBTQI+ Biz to ensure that aspects are tailored specifically for the gay community. This pillar will explore on what the LGBTQI community is making for a living and what they are doing to serve their community more.

Social Movement and Education – This pillar is the main venue that will help raise LGBTQI rights and hopefully bring us one step closer to bringing equality for LGBTQI people. Another aspect of this pillar is education on LGBTQI issues, as formal education systems are largely still conservative.

Arts and Culture – Focuses on art and culture in the LGBTQI community and allies which impacts the larger society.

Health and Wellness – Increasingly, the health and well-being of the individual is getting more attention, but in mainstream media the topics are mostly regarding heterosexual aspects. This pillar focuses on topics that emphasize the key issues faced in the LGBTQI community and aims to increase the well-being of people in the community.

Some popular content includes:

Make a Wish: A show that highlight topics that are rarely talked about in society, discussed in a new way that shines beauty in each individual. This episode is about “whitewashing” in Thai society, where being white is praised over other skin colors. Most of the population is relatively multicolored yet most skin products aim for whiteness, and the entertainment business still portrays more white people on screen rather other skin colors.  Talking about this topic will raise awareness and increase representation of other skin colors in society.

Mhee ga lhor khor mouthis a show that talks about various topics on health that are usually on LGBTQI minds. This episode talks about HIV, where it began, when it became a pandemic and about Timothy Ray Brown as known as “the Berlin Patient” was declared the first person to be cured from HIV from the International Aids Society. Also, the aspect of testing, prevention and treatment is talked about in the show.

Live to Tell has LGBTQI activists come on the show to talk about raising LGBTQI voices and normalizing LGBTQI views in the society. For example, young Thai LGBTQI pro-democracy supporters, “Raptor” the leader of “Seritoei plus group” that organized protests side by side with democracy advocates.

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