LGBTQI Diversity and Inclusion in Indonesia and the Philippines

By April 19, 2022 Advocacy, Newsroom, Regional, Showcase

LGBTQI inclusion in workplaces is important in achieving the goal of leaving no one behind.

Watch videos from our partners Suara Kita, Indonesia and Babaylanes in the Philippines, working in partnership with APCOM in advocating for LGBTQI inclusion in the finance and private sectors.

Videos narrate some of the success and challenges faced by their community as they chart a way to engage with the private sector for economic and social inclusion in their countries.

The project was made possible with the support of VOICE Global.


Suara Kita developed a short video “LGBTQI inclusion in the world of work in Indonesia”, to document their various learning sessions and webinars with the private companies and LGBTQI communities discussing about diversity and inclusion. Despite going through Covid-19 restrictions, they have nevertheless found a way to bridge and connect LGBTQI groups with the private sector.

“From the webinar, I realized that stigma and discrimination still exist in the sphere of work. And this is very unfortunate. We must realize that every individual has the right to work and also contribute to themselves and those around them.”

Dr. Allegra Wolter – Manager, health start up company


Babaylanes Inc., video documents their experiences in engaging with the private sector through the development of SOGIESC sensitivity workshop, including the challenges of LGBTQI Filipinos in the workplace, and how these challenges are being navigated. It also shares strategies and recommendations on what can be done towards the goal of equality and inclusion.

“I don’t disclose my sexual orientation because of fear that they wouldn’t be okay with it, …For most people, there really is a feeling of anxiety that when they find out that you are a member of the LGBT community, it might affect your employment.”

Pansexual cisgender woman, 28

Thank you very much to our partners for sharing your learning!

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APCOM in partnership with SPECTRUM, a Thai LGBTQI media agency, developed advocacy videos
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