APCOM launches four country reports examining LGBTQI Economic Inclusion in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos and the Philippines

By October 19, 2020 December 8th, 2020 Learning, Newsroom

Meet APCOM Experts  

Ramil Andag

SOGIESC Rights Officer

I have been with APCOM as SOGIESC Rights Officer since May 2018. 

Prior to joining APCOM, I have been active in human rights and the LGBTQI movement in the Philippines. These involvements were with various organizations and under different capacities, including research, advocacy, trainings and awareness raising.

In my present capacity within APCOM, I am responsible for implementing Finance Inc., a 3-year project which is being supported by VOICE Global. Finance Inc., is engaging financial institutions and the private sector towards LGBTQI inclusion. Finance Inc., is being implemented with our country partner organizations in Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR and the Philippines.

What do you like most about working on LGBTQI inclusion?

Being involved in APCOM’s work on LGBTQI inclusion is exciting and also provides for opportunities for self-reflection. 

What does inclusion really mean? How does inclusionbased on SOGIESCintersect with other issues—experienced by us, LGBTQI people and communities—contribute to various experiences of exclusion and discrimination?

It is a continuous process of learning, unlearning and re-learning.

What do you like about working in APCOM?

Being with APCOM allowed me to work closely with other LGBTQI organizations in countries where we are implementing Finance Inc.; and with other regional organizations advocating for equality and non-discrimination. This has contributed to my awareness similarities and nuances of the related issues which are being faced by LGBTQI communities on a larger scale.  

The work that I currently do with APCOM also provided the opportunity to engage with sectors which we have traditionally not engaged with before, such as financial institutions and the private sector.

Working with APCOM has also challenged me to step outside my comfort zone. This contributed to both my personal and professional growth. 

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