Limelight: Transgender Activist Resma (India)

By May 5, 2017 Showcase

Resma, a third gender daughter of an engineer father and a professor mother from the Bihar state of India, devotes her time and energy towards the betterment of transgender persons in and around Bihar since the last four years. Though she is only 26 years young, her advocacy effort with government departments, politicians, media, and other community associations has been astounding.

Resma started her advocacy journey by volunteered herself in participating the people movements relating to the programs of the state government. She is a member of human rights commission working for minorities, tribal, sex workers, Gender equality, farmer associations, land rights, academy council etc. She acts as supporting social worker with various TG and Women networkings across India. Shown her participation in the National Alliance moment, she has proved herself accessible woman to various issues relating to genders.

Not only she attends in TG betterment, she also works for the grievances of general population.  Programs of any sort, she links with TG and mainstreams. As she involves in a different moment, she is seen as a personality for the community as a whole and not limited to a particular segment.

She fought with social welfare department getting a seat reserved as like elders and handicapped in government transport services.  The crisis of various types occurred for women were attended by her. She fought for various women issues in Patna. She obtained various social welfare schemes from the government for disadvantaged community, gender including TG, minority and old aged people. She acts as a bridge between the poor segment and Government s far as availing social entitlement and schemes.

She developed her image as social worker addressing the land reforms in Bihar. She fought with the university obtaining admission for TGs in graduation and post graduation. She is also trying for a doctoral program on TG in Patna. She has the enrolment of 1200 TG members in the state and she influenced with a medical council and State health departments to provide health care facilities to TGs.  She builds her linkage with Labor movement in national and at International level.  She plays active role in International Human Rights and submits Universal Progressive Report of the programs initiated in the state.

She developed a youth TG population and they are also not restricted with TG, they are made available and closely accessible to women for their issues. They treat poor as a whole with no exemption extending their support for their welfare. Her approach involving herself in various movements benefiting the disadvantaged community at large has recognized her very well.  This has enabled her to repute her familiarity in the media too.

Resma created a wide acceptance of TG and her positive role towards overall poor segment in the state and International too.  This has enabled her prove herself as role model and accessible to people at all levels.  This is possible for her to recognize TG among public, politicians and media very well.  She builds a road for mainstreaming the community with general public. She proved herself a significant individual and TG community person.

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