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By June 20, 2024 Regional

Contributor: Soyeon Lee
Campaign Manager,
Marriage For All Korea

In June 2023, the ‘Marriage for All Korea’ campaign was launched to champion marriage equality in Korea. We actively advocate for legalization that allows marriage regardless of gender in our country. We’ve organized lectures and events on marriage equality for the LGBTQ+ community and have participated in LGBTQ+ parades held across various regions of Korea. Since November 2023, we’ve been running a signature petition campaign, aiming to raise awareness of the importance of same-sex marriage and to inspire action. In January 2024, we collected over 8,000 signatures and delivered them to members of the National Assembly. By March, our efforts resulted in over 15,000 signatures, which we presented to political parties.

March 25, 2024 We gathered over 15,000 signatures and delivered them to political parties.

Since March, we’ve been picketing in front of the National Assembly, demanding the enactment of marriage equality legalization and conducting signature campaigns on the streets. We’ve recruited volunteers for this campaign. While openly addressing LGBTQ+ issues in public spaces was unfamiliar in Korea, enthusiastic volunteers have actively advocated for LGBTQ+ rights, making the process enjoyable. Our plan is to continue collecting signatures until the end of May and deliver them to the newly elected 22nd National Assembly members and parties. Until then, we’ll concentrate our signature campaigns in areas with high foot traffic, such as business districts and university campuses.

Another significant aspect of our campaign is the production and upload of YouTube videos. Since January, three couples have shared their stories in these videos, demanding marriage equality. Our YouTube videos are getting a positive response. The video featuring the ‘Yikyung & Hana‘ couple has already surpassed 15,000 views. This serves as an opportunity for the media to instill hope that LGBTQ+ individuals in Korea can bring about societal change.

Looking ahead, the “Seoul Queer Culture Festival” is scheduled for Pride Month in June, where we plan to operate booths and parade trucks. We’ll also host workshops, events, and parties for LGBTQ+ couples and the community, aiming to express our demands for marriage equality. We aspire to stand in solidarity and move forward together, dreaming of a future where LGBTQ+ individuals in many countries in Asia can live recognized and respected lives.

April 19, 2024 A scene of the Marriage for All Korea booth set up at the Seoul Disability Rights Film Festival.

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