Meet APCOM PrEP Experts

By July 24, 2021 Advocacy, Newsroom, Regional, Showcase

Meet APCOM PrEP Experts

Thisanut Kaewnukul (Bright)

Campaign Officer

Sawasdee krub, my name is Thisanut Kaewnukul, my nickname is Bright (like a diamond). I’ve been working in APCOM since 2019. My role and responsibility under a project called testBKK are to ensure young men who have sex with men are accessing HIV services such as HIV testing, and prevention such as PrEP.

Personally, I am a PrEP champion – I have been on PrEP for seven years, and feel very lucky to be working on getting the message of PrEP out there to individuals that could benefit from this prevention option. I was able to share my own experiences of taking PrEP, which a lot of my peers young gay guys in Thailand were interested to learn about more, and they were impressed that I can candidly share stories about my PrEP use.

I am using PrEP because it makes me feel more confident knowing I am protected from HIV. As part of being on PrEP, I visit the doctor every three months which includes other health checks as well as STDs. Also, I would like to share these good experiences with others.

Last year, I joined an online conversation with the PrEPster team from the UK and Grindr to share our PrEP experience and what we do to get messages to the community in Thailand, including how to do PrEP demand generation for young MSM, and the importance of sex education of young MSM in Thailand.

testBKK is an innovative project – and for PrEP, we are looking at different ways to get the message to our community through social media. We ensure that we can talk openly about sex, and our message and image is sex-positive, and that sex should be enjoyed – and that PrEP could be an option to suit your circumstances – and where and how to access PrEP that we can guarantee a great service experience. is full of PrEP information that people are able to access and easily understand. We provide the location map and also online booking reservations to all our clinic partners that are guaranteed by as friendly, and stigma-free. The online booking services are simple and convenient; by choosing the place which is near to you and the time that you are able to go. We have a great reach through social media platforms: 73,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter with 5000 followers, 65,000 subscribers on Youtube, and 3500 followers on Instagram.  

I am also excited about the HPTN083 study or the long-acting PrEP injections. I would prefer to get the injection more than taking PrEP on a daily basis. I think this could help with adherence as sometimes people forget to take the daily PrEP.

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