Get to know GWL-INA for Indonesia’s National Day 17 August 2021

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Meet GWL-INA’s Newly Appointed National Coordinator

Today is Indonesia’s National Day, formally known as Hari Ulang Tahun Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia shortened “HUT RI”, or simply Hari Kemerdekaan.

To celebrate this, APCOM is profiling the work of GWL-INA (Gaya Warna Lentera Indonesia Network) – the national network of gay men, men who have sex with men (other MSM), and transgender women.

I am agitated. Due to the pandemic, I am concerned that I will not be able to do my job. In spite of this, it needs to be done, all activities need to be changed to online, even if there are face-to-face activities, masks and hand sanitizers must be available. It is vital to ensure the rights of staff and community-based organisation members during the pandemic. It is more important than anything else to maintain good health. That is why I am asking for support from everyone.

Moch Slamet Raharjo

Moch Slamet Raharjo or simply known as Slamet is lawyer, and joined GWL-INA as the National Coordinator. Slamet is a native of Jombang, East Java. He earned his Master’s degree in Criminal Law in 2014. Slamet has been working in field of HIV and human rights since 1997. He was a volunteer at Gaya Nusantara Foundation in Surabaya between 1997-1999, and worked as the director of Gessang Solo Foundation from 2004 to 2012, managing Behaviour Change Intervention programs for gays and lesbians in Central Java. He also worked at AFAI from 2009 to 2010 and at GWL-INA from 2013 to 2016.

In addition to his role as a facilitator and consultant, he specialized in gender, sexuality, HIV and AIDS, and the law. Previously, he worked as Law and Human Rights Coordinator at Indonesia AIDS Coalition (IAC) from 2016 to 2018. Prior to that, he worked for The Asia Foundation (TAF) as a consultant for Project MAJu (eMpowering Access to Justice).

Slamet is a travel enthusiast, and Slamet mentioned about the priority for GWL-INA during pandemic:

Gay men, Transgender people, and men who have sex with other men (GMT) all have equal opportunities to take part in addressing the COVID -19 pandemic, as the community helps one another

Moch Slamet Raharjo

“Currently, my priority is ‘one GMT helps another GMT. GMT takes care of GMT’. Despite the current situation, there are still many community members who lack basic necessities. My current focus is on ensuring that I maintain intensive communication with CBOs in the regions to ensure that all activities are conducted in accordance with good health protocols, to identify the needs of members, and to jointly pursue resources and support. We are also collecting data on the Corona vaccine for members of the GMT community in order to assist the government in distributing vaccines properly.

We will continue to communicate with donor agencies about possible funding opportunities to respond to COVID -19 and ensure all activities are well coordinated. For instance, in the form of social support to the GWL community in the regions, education on Covid-19, workshops on the link between Covid-19 and HIV/AIDS, documentation and provision of legal assistance to GWL who have experienced violence due to the Covid-19 pandemic.”

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How to Support Us

In addition to our current efforts, we require additional help in a variety of forms. GWL-INA is also open to developing and discussing outreach programs that are in line with what we advocate for already, but do not rule out exploring other activities that we haven’t yet undertaken.

We welcome your support. You can reach us at:

National Secretariat of GWL-INA NetworkSlamet
+62 212 8541 645+62 815 6705 508
[email protected][email protected]

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