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“Our mental health is so important.  Besides being there for each other professionally, we must also be able to mentally support each other during this pandemic. At APCOM, we have come together as a team through monthly Zoom meetings and dedicated mental health activities to remind us to recharge ourselves – to put things into perspective and appreciate what we have.” 

Midnight, Executive Director

As Covid-19 took us all by surprise, and we go through many uncertainties, it is ever more important to ensure the mental well-being of our fellow co-workers. APCOM takes the mental health and well-being of its staff very seriously:

  • Cheryl Tan, Founder of the Breathe Movement and Festival Director for the Singapore Mental Health Festival conducted a mental health seminar for all employees;
  • Every Monday, the team touches base with each other via Zoom to see how each other is coping mentally.  We all practice being in the ‘present’ and actively listen to each other’s anxieties. We share tips and tools on successful mental health coping mechanisms;
  • Every month, a different member of the staff leads a monthly mental health activity.

We hope this may inspire other organisations to allow time for mental health breaks and to ensure team support through personal and professional hardships. It’s a reminder to us all that we are all going through Covid-19 differently. 

Our team at APCOM gives us an account of what we have done together for our mental health well-being – we were lucky to able to do these given the Covid-19 precautions as set out by the Thai government.

Read our mental health sessions

By: Chatsuda “Jam” Hanbang
By: Phongnarin “Non” Sukcham
By: Thisanut “Bright” Kaewnukul
By: Kasinthorn “Takumi” Honglawan 

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