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Learning to Make Choux à la Crème

Chatsuda “Jam” Hanbang

I work at APCOM as the finance and administrative assistant. As our management prioritizes its employees’ mental well-being, I am also charged with coordinating APCOM’s monthly mental health activities.

Inad, a Senior Program Officer created our first mental health activity in June 2020 through a contact we had for our TestBKK campaign – the famous GayOK series.

We chose to make choux à la crème with the team because there are a lot of processes — to make the cream filling and bake the choux — many of our staff don’t normally get to bake as in Thailand we typically don’t have an oven in the kitchen. For me, the choux à la crème was very health for the team — how each one of us was feeling both inside and out, as we worked together to make choux à la crème to forget for a bit about Covid-19.

The activity took place at the April Tree House, located in Ladprao – it was  minimialist, clean and warm environment.  Teng Nueng, a professional baker and model, was our trainer.   

I love having activities with my colleagues because I can see them in a different light outside of the office.  I love the moments we spend together without the office responsibilities and pressures.  I love seeing them relaxed with smiles. If you have some free time to spend with your colleagues, please try this! It’s nice to see your colleagues do something different outside of work.  

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