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Dance Dance Dance!

Thisanut “Bright” Kaewnukul

As the border of Thailand is still closed due to Covid-19, our international staff did not have any chance to fly home to visit their family this holiday season, so I had an idea to create an entertainment activity for our colleagues.   I am an avid dancer and take dance class almost every Saturday and it helps me to relieve stress — I thought this might be good for my colleagues as well.  

I contacted my lovely teacher, P’Cake, who is well-known in the dance community. She offered to help me create an elementary dance class for all of my APCOM colleagues, and she is also very LGBTQI friendly.

Ninety percent of the APCOM staff had never taken any dance class, so P’Cake designed a very basic class for us. P’ Cake ensured that everyone could follow the steps, so we started with stretching to warm-up. Normally it takes 15-30 minutes, but the APCOM team took 45 minutes — with a lot of laughs and funny looks, we stretched like we never had in our lives!  Anyway, P’Cake used her ability to adjust to our levels. When someone on our team could not follow her moves, she motivated us to follow the others in class. When we started doing the choreography, our team moved in a way that made P’Cake very stressed — in a cute way— Especially Midnight’s moves!!!! 🙂

At the end of the class, we had fun performing as two separate groups. P’Cake decreased our worries, making us more confident to hit the beat and melody — showing the passion and emotion as we danced to the song.

One and a half hours quickly passed, and you could feel the endorphins after her class, similar to after a long meditation.

I am so glad to have had a chance to share my hobby with my team and that this is a new experience for many of our staff.  We laughed so much! Many thanks to P’Cake who donated her time to motivate our staff and recharge our energy. Check out the bio of P’Cake here:

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