Positive Podcast Ep. 1: Love’s Never Angry

By October 28, 2016 Showcase

The storyteller, Ferry, is 33 years old, and living in Jakarta, Indonesia. Ferry was a male sex worker. After being diagnosed with HIV, he didn’t think he would be able to find a partner and share a happy relationship. Contrary to his initial thought, living with HIV turned out not to be an obstacle to him finding a partner. In this podcast, Ferry shares his story on his initial struggle and on being in a serodiscordant relationship.


square-logoPositive Podcast is a podcast series focusing on building resilience among gay men and other men who are having sex with men, who are also living with HIV (MSM+). Resiliency is the process of overcoming the negative effects of risk exposure, coping successfully with traumatic experiences, and avoiding trajectories associated with risks. If you know any MSM+ who should be in our podcast, kindly contact [email protected]

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