Sydney WorldPride Human Rights Conference 2023: Reflections from Asian LGBTQI

By June 16, 2023 Advocacy, Regional

Sydney WorldPride Human Rights Conference
Report back

Presented by

in partnership with
ILGA Asia, Intersex Asia, ASEAN LBQ Network, ASEAN SOGIE Caucus, YVC

in collaboration with

Blue Diamond Society, Crisis Response Mechanism, Hong Kong Marriage Equality,  Kyrgyz Indigo, Proud to be Us Laos, Transgender Rights Consultants

Tuesday 4 April 2023

Time: 13:00 – 14:30 Thailand time

As this year’s WorldPride took place in the Southern Hemisphere for the first time ever, and we wanted to ensure that LGBTQI voices from Asia and the Pacific region were present there, we had a regional consultation to inform What LGBTQI in Asia would like to see at the Human Rights Conference that fed into the main programme of the Conference. 

Of course, not everyone was fortunate enough to attend in person, and this is a session where you will hear from other participants who attended the conference and what their takeaways are, and recommendations for the next WorldPride in Washington DC in 2025.

Our speakers will share information and discuss issues and challenges, create opportunities for collective collaboration, as ways forward to advance LGBTQI rights in Asia.


(10 mins)Welcome and Introduction to the session
Midnight (he/him), Executive Director, APCOM
(5 mins)Report back from the Asia Caucus pre-conference  – a personal reflection
Manisha Dhakal (she/her), Executive Director, Blue Diamond Society, Nepal
(30 mins)Panel 1:
Individual perspective from our Community 

Moderated by Justin Bionat (he/him), Executive Director, Youth Voices Count 

Southeast Asia
Anan Boupha (he/him), Founder, Proud to be Us, Laos 
East Asia
Esther Leung (She/they), Campaign Manager, Hong Kong Marriage Equality, Hong Kong 
South Asia
Nayyab Ali (she/her), Executive Director, Transgender Rights Consultants, Pakistan
(5 mins)Gaps in the programmes for Asia LGBTQI – a personal reflection
Henry Koh (they/them), Executive Director, ILGA Asia 
(5 mins)Advancing LGBTQI human rights in Asia – a summary of the panel discussion
Bryan Choong (he/him), Regional Advisory Group Chair, APCOM 
(20 mins)Panel 2:
Resourcing the movement for the Region and Engagement with the Australian Government 

Moderated by Midnight (he/him), Executive Director, APCOM 

Hiker Chiu (he/her), Executive Director, Intersex Asia 
Jean Chong (she/they), Executive Director, ASEAN LBQ Network
(5 mins)Indonesia and the Criminal Code Kanzha Vinaa (she/her),
Steering Committee of Crisis Response Mechanism from Sanggar Swara, Indonesia
(5 mins)2025 WorldPride Recommendations
Ryan V. Silverio (they), Executive Director, ASEAN SOGIE Caucus
(5 mins)Group Photo and Close
Midnight (he/him), Executive Director, APCOM

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The next WorldPride and Human Rights Conference will take place in 2025,
and Washington D.C. will be the host.

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